Why Choose to Get a Chin Implant by Texas Plastic Surgeon

 Having a well-structured face with prominent features is usually desired by most men and women. One of these facial features is the chin. If you don’t have a noticeable chin or if you have quite a bit of extra fat or skin under the chin, it can make your face look less structured and symmetrical. This is when you may be able to benefit from a chin implant from a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon.

One of the benefits of getting a chin implant from a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon is that they will form the implant to your already existent chin. They will shape and cut it to the perfect size so that when it is placed, it will look as if it was meant to be there.

Getting a chin implant will give you a more attractive profile. One of the reasons men and women want a more structured face is because we happen to be attracted to more structured faces.

If you would like to hear more about chin implants and how they can benefit you, set up your consultation with a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon.

Enhance Your Appearance with Katy Texas Facial Implants

Men and women like the appearance of a more structured face. Defined cheekbones, jaw line and chin are all places that can be enhanced by the use of a facial implant. A plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas has performed this surgery many times before for those who may have less predominant features.

During your consultation for facial implants, your  plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas will evaluate the areas that you wish to have them. They will then give you insight on the overall procedure. When you decide to go through with the surgery, your surgeon will then create an implant to fit your facial structure perfectly.

Facial implants can really give a person a refreshed new look. A structured face can totally transform you and with your new appearance will come more confidence in yourself. If this sounds like something that you could benefit from, set up your consultation today. Your Texas plastic surgeon will make you feel comfortable with your decision and even provide you with before and after pictures of past patients. You will be extremely happy you called them for your Texas facial implants treatment.



The Benefits of Rhinoplasty by a Katy, Texas Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that many either choose to have or in some cases, need to have done. It can be for cosmetic reasons or for medical issues, but whatever the reason; there are many great benefits of getting the surgery done by a Texas plastic surgeon.

A Katy, Texas plastic surgeon specializes in face surgeries. They are very experienced and are capable of performing a rhinoplasty in various ways using various techniques to get the best results. They can give your nose the shape and form that you desire.

Rhinoplasty can often help open up the airways if that was an issue for you. Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can make it so that you can breathe easier. Often times, people have obstructions in the nasal passage that hinders them from breathing properly.

Having a rhinoplasty treatment can give you a whole new appearance if that is what you would like. It can give your face more symmetry and enhance your profile.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a rhinoplasty performed. If this is a procedure that interests you, set up a consultation with a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon and they will inform you of all the wonderful benefits and facts.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon to Performs Lip Augmentation

  Lip augmentations are trendy among men and women these days. Everyone seems to want the perfect pout. This is why a Dallas plastic surgeon is experienced in performing such cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

A lip augmentation can include different procedures that will make your lips more enhanced than they once were. However, a lip augmentation usually includes the injection of soft tissue fillers. One of the most commonly used soft tissue fillers is called Restylane. This soft tissue filler will fill in fine lines and wrinkles. It also gives the lips a fuller appearance.

Lip augmentations are a wonderful way to enhance the appearance of your lips. Some people may be born with thin lips while others thin out as they age. Whatever your case may be, your Dallas plastic surgeon can help.

Lip augmentations are usually painless and require very minimal downtime if any at all. The procedure itself is quick and yet the results last for months at a time. Depending on the person, the time frame between injections may be different. Your Dallas Texas plastic surgeon will decide what is best for you if you would like to keep up with your new look.

Have a Cosmetic Surgeon from Katy, Texas Perform Your Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentations are a procedure that is chosen by anyone who feels like their chin needs to be enhanced or even toned down. If you have a predominant chin or a chin that is too small, having a cosmetic surgeon from Katy, Texas perform a chin augmentation might be just the surgery you need.

When you go in for your consultation, your Katy, Texas cosmetic surgeon will explain the procedure to you. Incisions are made in one of several areas and the surgeon will either reshape the chin or place an implant in, depending on why you are getting the surgery done.

Chin augmentations can completely transform the physical appearance of a person. There are many benefits to the procedure that make it well worth it for men and women who are uncomfortable with their chin to have it performed.

The recovery time for a chin augmentation is only about a week or so. Only mild bruising, swelling and soreness should occur. Some surgeons wrap the chin area while others leave it alone.

If you feel like you would like to go through with a chin augmentation to help boost your confidence, call a cosmetic surgeon from Katy, Texas.

The Benefits of Having a Katy, Texas Cosmetic Surgeon Perform Orthognathic Surgery

Not many plastic surgeons will perform orthognathic surgeries. It is a very detailed surgery that requires moving one or both of the jaws to enhance the symmetry of the face. A Katy, Texas cosmetic surgeon is able to perform this surgery as well as other face surgeries that may go hand in hand with the overall enhancement of the face.

Having a Katy, Texas cosmetic surgeon perform your orthognathic surgery will prove to be beneficial. They can evaluate the position of your jaws to determine how much they will need to be moved, while they also take into consideration any other procedures that they may need to do to help you get the overall enhanced appearance you seek. So, not only will they evaluate the entirety of your face’s structure, but they will be able to perform other face surgeries along with the orthognathic surgery if you would like them to do so. Many surgeons that perform orthognathic surgery don’t have the training to perform other face surgeries.

Your Katy, Texas cosmetic surgeon will work efficiently at correcting your jaw structure, making it balanced. They will prove to be beneficial to you in many ways. Their service, their knowledge, their experience, and their capability to perform other facial surgeries will make them more beneficial to you than other cosmetic surgeons when it comes to face surgeries.

Cosmetic Surgeon Discussion Your Katy Texas Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a rather serious procedure that is performed to correct problems on or in the jaw area. There are many different conditions that a person may suffer from in that area of the face and this is why a cosmetic surgeon from Katy, Texas knows how to perform orthognathic surgery to help those who need that area corrected.

A person may be born with a problematic jaw or a top jaw and bottom jaw that aren’t aligned.  Other times, suffering from a disorder may cause for problems in that area. Either way, a cosmetic surgeon from Katy, Texas can help fix this problem and make your jaw look normal and in tune with the rest of your facial structure.

The surgery is an invasive procedure that requires a lot of downtime. However, it is the only one its kind, meaning that it is the only surgery available that can help correct issues with the jaw area. Even though it is a long recovery period, it is well worth the time. Its results will be astonishing and you will be pleased with your new appearance.

If you have issues with your jaw area and would like a more structured face, call a cosmetic surgeon from Katy, Texas.