Take Advantage of a Chin Reduction from a Plastic Surgeon in Katy, Texas

Men and women who were born with a more predominant chin may feel embarrassed about their facial structure. Well, there is a way to correct this and all you need to do is set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas. They can perform a chin reduction surgery that will have your facial structure looking more symmetrical as a result.

When you have a chin reduction performed, your plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas will make small incisions where they can remove unwanted fat and have access to the bone. They will reshape the bone so that it appears smaller after the surgery is through.

A chin reduction is performed with precision so that your new chin will look as though it was always meant to be the way it appears in the end results. After the swelling goes down from the surgery is when you will really be able to see the quality of the outcome.

Don’t walk around feeling uncomfortable about your predominant chin any longer. Call a plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas for a consultation.


5 Benefits of Katy Texas Brow Lift Treatments

A brow lift is often performed by a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon on those who are looking to change their appearance a bit. It is a relatively simple procedure that your surgeon is skilled in performing. There are many benefits to having a brow lift done and if you are curious as to how, read the following.

  1. A brow lift will help defy the adamant and predominant characteristics of aging.
  2. Any loose skin in the area will be tightened giving you a much smoother, younger appearance.
  3. Having a brow lift will get rid of frown line, wrinkles and other creases around the eyebrows and the forehead.
  4. You will feel more confidence in your new more refreshed look.
  5. Brow lifts are a long lasting procedure. They are said to last anywhere from 10 years to a lifetime.

The benefits you will reap from having a brow lift performed from a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon will astound you. You will be extremely pleased with your subtle yet refreshed appearance. It is a great way to give yourself a younger look without changing your appearance too much. If this sounds appealing to you, set up your appointment with a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon and contact us today!

Rhinoplasty by Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty also referred to as a nose job, can be performed in various ways depending on what it that you want done to your nose. However, many people come to a plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas to get their nose shaped. Some may want the bridge of their nose to be thinner and some may want the bump at the tip of the nose or on the bridge to be taken away.

Your plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas will make small incisions so that they can begin shaping and removing the cartilage and bone. They will shape and remove cartilage and bone using their special surgical tools until they are able to create the nose you desired. When finished, they will use sutures to close the incisions up and then bandage up the nose until it is healed.

The surgeon will give you aftercare instructions and set up your appointment to come back for them to take the bandages off. Typically, recovery time is a few weeks.

When you get rhinoplasty by a plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas you will see just how well they can create the nose you have always wanted.

How a Katy, Texas Plastic Surgeon Can Help You Enhance a Weak Jawline

A weak jawline can give a person a look that they just aren’t happy with. Interviews done with women have shown that one of the things they find to be most attractive about a man is a strong jawline. That is why many will flock to their Katy, Texas plastic surgeon to get help with enhancing their jawline.

A Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can place silicone implants in the jaw to help give you a more defined appearance. They will do this by making an incision and simply placing the silicone implant in. Your surgeon will make sure the implant is the right size and shape for your face, as to not make it too apparent that you had surgery, but to make a difference in your facial structure that will allow you to feel and look more attractive.

The surgery isn’t very detailed compared to some and the recovery time shouldn’t be too grueling or long. Your surgeon will also give you aftercare instructions on how to care for the incision.

Before you know it, you will be showing off your new refined look that your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon was able to create for you.

Katy Texas Laser Resurfacing Skin Treatments

Laser resurfacing is a treatment for the skin. It can do many amazing things for the appearance of your skin and many people are going to their plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas for treatments.

When you go in for laser resurfacing with your plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas, you won’t need to worry about needing anesthetic or having any pain. The treatment is painless and rather simple. Your surgeon will use a powerful beam of light to reduce and rid of any imperfections on your face.

The laser used by the plastic surgeon is a handheld device that will clear your imperfections by ridding of dead skin cells and allowing new skin cells to appear. Laser resurfacing is more accurate than other treatments made available. It has a deep penetration and is relatively painless.

There aren’t any severe side effects or risks associated with laser resurfacing. However, your skin may be left a little red afterwards. This will subside within a few days.

If you have imperfections on your skin, call a plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas for an appointment. They will answer any questions that you may have and show you before and after pictures of past laser resurfacing patients.


11 Amazing Uses of Laser Resurfacing for Your Skin

Laser resurfacing is a great way to aid in the health of your skin. It rids of dead skin cells to help the new skin cells to the surface. This also helps you to reduce and rid of any skin imperfections you may have. Here are some of the flaws that a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can help you to get rid of with skin resurfacing:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Blemishes
  3. Acne Scars
  4. Scars
  5. Freckles
  6. Fine Lines
  7. Tighten Loose Skin
  8. Under Eye Circles
  9. Improves Skin Tone
  10. Sun Damaged Skin
  11. Age Spots

As the list above shows, there are many imperfections that can be helped by a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon that does laser resurfacing.

The treatment may be done several times in order to give you the best overall results and you can continue to do it throughout your lifetime. It is relatively painless and doesn’t require any downtime. The most common side effect is having a red tone to your skin for a few days and you will need to refrain from direct sunlight and makeup.

To learn more about laser resurfacing, call a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon for an appointment.