Kate Middleton’s Nose Tops Plastic Surgeon Requests

Dallas, TX- Celebrities have a huge impact on our culture, they influence fashion and many people covet their good looks, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that people planning to have plastic surgery ask their doctors to give the features of their favorite celebrity.

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Topping the list of most requested celebrity features is Kate Middleton’s nose. Plastic surgeons in the UK say that rhinoplasty patients requesting the delicate nose of the “Duchess of Cambridge” have tripled in recent years, according to the Daily Mail.

In the states, women want the nose of Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman, which isn’t unexpected since nose reshaping has consistently been the second most popular cosmetic procedure for the past three years.

Rhinoplasty, which is most commonly known as a nose job, allows a person to reshape an unflattering bridge, contour the nostrils and nasal tip in a way that compliments other facial features.

But the celebrity request don’t stop with Kate, Scarlett or Natalie, some women want  the smoldering eyes of model Rosie Huntington-Whitley and the dimpled cheeks of UK pop singer Cheryl Cole.

Singer Myleene Klass has the most desirable jawline for those looking for cosmetic enhancement.

Since plastic surgery has become highly accepted my men, surgeons are also noticing a surge in request for male celebrity features.

When men think of jawlines they think of “Twilight” star Robert Pattison, who was also voted the sexiest man alive by Glamour and People readers. Actor Zac Effron has the most requested eyes. As for the nose most men want theirs to look like Jude Law. And finally men ask for the sculpted cheek bones of Ashton Kutcher.

It’s fine to ask your plastic surgeon for celebrity features, because cosmetic surgeons are capable of working magic and refining the fallacies of nature. Alterations to all of the major features are possible. But an experienced doctor will be frank and tell you whether modifying your face in this manner is actually appropriate. They want you to look your very best, and sometimes that means what works on another person’s face may not look right on yours.

You want to choose a surgeon who carefully evaluate your features and recommend the facial alterations that will suit your bone structure and works in harmony with all of your features.

If you don’t want the features of celebrity and simply want to defy the signs of aging, your cosmetic doctor will evaluate your appearance and suggest the procedure or procedures that will shave years off your face.

Some facial procedures require small incisions, which result in minimal scaring, and when performed by a skilled doctor have short recovery times. More invasive procedures like a face lift or a chin lift make take more recovery time, but once you see the results it will be worth it.

Dr. John Freeman, your Dallas face doctor, prides himself of providing superior results so you feel more confident and turn heads with your new look.  Contact Dr. Freeman to set up a consultation today.



Brow Lift Patients Delighted With Results

Dallas, TX- There are many areas on the face that can quickly give away our ages, but no area displays the signs of aging more than the forehead on many people. The forehead expresses a range of emotions so it should be no surprise that as we age we begin to develop permanent vertical lines across the forehead, making us look older on the outside than we feel on the inside.

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For this reason many people seek out skilled plastic surgeons for a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift. With this procedure, a facial cosmetic surgeon typically makes tiny incisions at the hairline and repositions, alters or removes excess muscle in skin on the forehead to eliminate those vertical lines and frown lines between the eyebrows. A brow lift can also bring up a low or sagging brow line.

But before a person has any cosmetic surgery they want to know if other patients who previously had the procedure are happy with the end results year later. A team of German researchers recently conducted a survey to ask brow lift patients, whose average age was 60 at the time of the procedure, if they were happy with the end results of their surgery years later. They found that a majority of patients were pleased with the results of their brow lift, and not only would they consider having the procedure again they would even recommend it to their friends, according to Healthday.

The German researchers surveyed 93 brow lift patients who underwent the procedure between 1994 and 2007. Of those surveyed, 63 percent said they were delighted with their appearance following the procedure. Only a small percentage was unhappy with the procedure, about 18 percent. An additional 18 percent said they were unsure.

While their non-surgical alternatives to a brow lift, such as Botox injections, the results are much more dramatic and longer-lasting with the surgical procedure. So the German researchers emphasized the importance of being aware of how the amount of time a patient needs to recover from a brow lift.

 As with any surgical procedure recovery from a brow lift takes significantly longer than with an injectable, so it is something that should be taken into consideration before making a final decision. A patient should expect their recovery period to last three to four weeks.

The key to having a positive experience with a brow lift and obtaining optimal results depends on choosing the right facial plastic surgeon. When you meet with a facial aesthetic surgeon ask to for before and after photos of previous brow lift patients so you can see for yourself how dramatically this procedure will transform and improve your face.

In the Dallas area, Dr. John Freeman has helped many men and women combat the signs of aging through a variety of cosmetic enhancements. A consultation with Dr. Freeman can help you determine if this procedure is the right choice for you.

Chin Implants Popular Among Men and Women

Houston, TX- Looks are important and people place a great deal of value on having an attractive face and body. Since the face is the one of the first things people notice about each other, facial plastic surgeries repeatedly rank within the top ten most popular plastic surgeries. It’s no secret that Botox, nose jobs and eyelifts are among the most common cosmetic procedures, but you may be surprised to know that chin implants are the fastest growing surgeries among men and women.

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Facial beauty and attractiveness are achieved when the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and chin are in proportion to each other. Lacking a strong jawline or having a disproportionately large chin can lessen the attractiveness and harmonious balance of a person’s face. Not only can a jawline affect a person’s profile, but it is also one of the facial areas that can show the signs of aging along with a double-chin. This is why so many people in the past couple of years have increasingly sought out a chin implant of lift.

According to an April study by the ASPS, chin implants among men skyrocketed 76 percent and rose overall by 71 percent in 2011. The 55 and above demographic was the biggest driver in the popularity of the chin implant with 8,459 of 20,000 chin procedures performed on this age group.

ASPS’ president Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth explained, “The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show the signs of aging. People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or eyelid surgery.”

If you have a weak jawline, a cosmetic surgeon will make a pocket in the chin area under the muscles, leaving room to place an implant make of silicone or other material in that space. The procedure takes between two to three hours to preform and once the patient has healed the results can be dramatic.

While some people have almost no chin, others have the reverse problem; they can have a chin that protrudes from the face. This can be caused by a prominent jaw bone or too much soft tissue, and can be determined by a simple dental x-ray, and easily corrected by doctor through a chin reduction surgery.

Facial plastic surgery has a twofold benefit, the patient after a short period of recovery will see a marked improvement in their appearance, but the biggest benefit may be apparent in their self-confidence. When we feel better about how we look we can experience a significant boost in our self-esteem which is apparent in our personal and professional lives.

Once you’ve decided that facial plastic surgery is the right thing for you, the first step is finding the right plastic surgeon. If you live in the Houston-area, Dr. John P. Freeman is the right doctor for you. He has devoted his practice to enhancing and beautifying the human face.

Face Lift Patients Retain Youthful Appearance

Dallas, TX- Our face is the first thing others notice about us, it can give away our ages and if we have features that we are unhappy about it can cause deep-seated insecurities. Fortunately we don’t have to just live with these flaws and the low self-esteem; instead we can choose between a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures to correct nature’s mistakes. When a person decides they want to have plastic surgery, they want assurance that the results will not only make them more attractive but the results will be long lasting.

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A recently published study appearing in the December issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, showed that people who have undergone a face lift retain their youthful appearance at least 5 ½ years after having the procedure.

Researchers from the study evaluated photographs of 50 patients who had a face lift. Using a strict set of criteria to evaluate the patient’s appearance five years post-surgery, the researchers found remarkable improvement in the patient’s appearance.

Signs of facial aging, lines that run from the nose to the mouth, and the mouth to the jaw, showed the most significant improvement and proved to be long-lasting.

One of the biggest challenges a plastic surgeon faces is meeting the expectations of their patients. For patients considering a face-lift, the most frequently asked question is “How long will the results last?” And this study was conducted to answer that question.

“Scoring suggested that 76 percent of patients will still look younger 5 ½ year after a facelift than they did prior to facelift,” the researchers said.  That is an excellent rate of success and should give patients the assurances they need if they are in doubt about the procedure.

Facial cosmetic procedures which include facelifts, eye lid surgeries and nose reshaping all ranked within the top five procedures in 2011. Rhinoplasty or a “nose job” was the number two most popular plastic surgery overall, with eyelid surgery at number four and the facelift in the number five position.

While some cosmetic procedures experienced a decline, facelifts were on the rise. In the U.S. surgeons preformed 119,000 facelifts, a 5 percent increase over 2010. Now that your Dallas cosmetic surgeon can assure you that facelifts can make you look younger for years afterward the popularity of facelifts are likely to increase.

Though women made up the majority of preformed facelifts, men are becoming more accepting of plastic surgery. Three percent more men had a facelift last year than in previous years as they face an increasingly competitive and younger workforce.

Regaining a youthful appearance with a facelift is possible, and now that researchers have shown the results are long-lasting there is no reason to delay.

If you are in the Dallas area and are considering plastic surgery, contact Dr. John P. Freeman to set up a consultation.

Plastic Surgeon Can Get Rid of Scars

Scars, especially visible scars such as those on the face, can be quite embarrassing. Many men and women will go to their Katy, Texas plastic surgeon to find ways to get rid of the scars. There are several methods your surgeon may suggest; some are more effective than other. Below are several of the methods that your surgeon may suggest.

Laser resurfacing is an effective method for getting rid of scars. As long as the scar tissue isn’t too deep, laser resurfacing will help to remove the first few layers of skin giving your skin a scar free, smooth appearance. This method is great for acne scarring.

Chemical peels and bleaching cream are also great for smaller surface scars. They are also a very mild method compared to the other offered. Your surgeon will simply apply the chemical or bleaching cream to the skin and let it work its magic before wiping it clean.

Surgical methods can also be used to get rid of scars. This is typically used on scars that have a buildup of scar tissue, making the scar deep and very unpleasant. Your surgeon will cut around the scar tissue and then stitch the incision back together in a cleaner more precise manner.

Do you have any scars you would like to get rid of? Contact a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon for a consultation and they will give you more details about your options.

How a Chemical Peel Helps to Rid Surface Scars

Chemical peels are great for removing and reducing surface scars on the face. No one wants to be humiliated by the scarring that may occur on their face from either acne or other reasons that caused there to be scars on their face. A Katy, Texas plastic surgeon often suggests chemical peels to their patients for surface scarring.

Chemical peels are a method of scar rejuvenation that just happens to be great for smaller surface scars. They peel can typically be performed with different chemical potencies. Your surgeon will more than likely use a higher level chemical peel if you suffer from scarring. They will then apply the chemical to the face and then wipe it clean. This will help remove the dead skin cells, allowing for new skin to appear.

This method of scar removal doesn’t take long and can be done every few months or so. It is noninvasive and painless. So, are you still wondering how a chemical peel by a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can help get rid of your surface scars? Call and set up a consultation.

Considering Laser Resurfacing for Scar Removal?

Scars are such a bother especially when they are on your face. They may hinder you from feeling self-assured about your appearance. When it comes to scarring on the face from acne or even if you have other little scars, laser resurfacing by your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon may be the right method of scar removal for your skin.

Laser resurfacing is a great way to not only rejuvenate the skin, but to rid of smaller surface scars. Laser resurfacing is a noninvasive method that requires your surgeon to use a laser on the skin. This will help to remove the first few layers of skin, helping to reduce and rid of scarring and even other flaws your skin may have.

Typically, you will only need one treatment to help get rid of the scars created by acne. However, you may want to continue with future laser resurfacing treatments.

Are you considering laser resurfacing for scar removal? To learn more, set up a consultation with a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon. They will help you decide if laser removal is the right option and provide you with before and after pictures to help you get a better understanding of the results.

Would You Like to Learn about Surgical Scar Removal?

Do you have a scar that appears to be quite large and even hard? If you suffer from such a scar and you feel embarrassed and would like to have it removed or reduced in size, you may want to contact your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon. They will inform you of the surgical method used to remove such scars.

When an incision is performed poorly or if you had a wound that never seemed to heal right and left behind a less than appealing scar, surgery may be the answer in getting rid of it for you. By simply cutting a clean and precise incision around the scar tissue buildup, your surgeon can safely remove the scar tissue. They will then carefully stitch the incision they made closed. This will allow for better and more effective healing.

Having a huge scar can be a problem and even prevent you from feeling good about yourself. This is why your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon will be more than happy to remove the scar by surgical means.

So, would you like to learn more about surgical scar removal? Call a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon for a consultation.