Middle-Class Women Primary Cosmetic Patients

Feb. 27, 2013, Dallas, TX- The Academy Awards is this the biggest night in Hollywood, and there is no doubt that many the Hollywood elite walking the red carpet have had their share of plastic surgery. A facelift here, some Botox there, liposuction and breast augmentations abound in Hollywood, but surprisingly enough the celebrity elite isn’t the driving the cosmetic surgery industry, it’s middle class women who help keep plastic surgeons in business.

40 yr old

Although men are a growing demographic for plastic surgeons, women still make up the largest group of patients for plastic surgeons, especially those over forty or who are moms. One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures is the mommy makeover which actually a combination of breast augmentations, tummy tucks and liposuction.

Moms may be driving the body contouring industry, but women over forty are keeping facial plastic surgeons in Dallas and the rest of the country busy. Defying the signs of age is very important to both men and women.  Three out of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in 2012 were facial procedures; they included nose reshaping, facelift and eyelid surgery, according to the ASPS.

Once a woman turns forty a number of signs of age begin to appear. The area under the chin begins to sag. Lines begin to appear around the eyes, and mouth. Deeper lines may begin to set in on the forehead, around the lips and nose

Facial fillers such as Botox may help minimize some of these lines, but they cannot completely eliminate them. Deeper lines and folds on the eyelids, around the nose and on the forehead cannot be corrected with fillers alone; it often takes more comprehensive procedures like a facelift or eyelift to erase wrinkles.

Another aspect of a youthful face we often lose as we age is fuller or plump cheeks. The older a person gets the more fat they lose on the face. Many women over 40 find that a cheek augmentation can add fullness.

The neck and jaw line are also two areas that can quickly give away a person’s age. Excess fat along the jawline and sagging skin on the neck can make an older woman very insecure about her appearance, but a chin lift can refine the jawline and get rid of an unsightly double chin.

Appearance is everything to many women, especially in Texas. Last summer, Men’s Health magazine figured out which cities were the vainest by analyzing check-ins at salons and spas, along with data from cosmetic surgeons and dentists. Three cities in Texas, which included Dallas, Houston and Plano, landed in the top ten vainest cities. Surprisingly, Los Angeles home to the Hollywood elite didn’t even make the top ten.

Celebrities have helped lift the societal taboos associated with defying the signs age through cosmetic enhancements, but they aren’t driving the industry. Middle class women are actually keeping the cosmetic surgery industry busy and allowing it to grow year after year.

If you want to combat the signs of age or beautify your face, schedule a consultation with Dr. John Freeman. His skills along with a record of patient satisfaction is impressive and he’s there to serve all your facial cosmetic surgery needs.

Facial Surgeries More Popular in 2012

Dallas, TX- Prior to 2012, more cosmetic surgery patients opted for breast augmentations and buttocks enhancements, but last year American men and women focused on the face in an effort to retain a youthful appearance, according to a new report by the America Society of Plastic Surgeons.


The plastic surgery industry, like other sectors of the economy, showed that there are more Americans with disposable income which they used to improve their appearance. In total plastic surgeons and facial doctors performed 14.6 million minimally invasive and surgical procedures in 2012, reflecting a 5 percent increase over 2011.

In their press release, Dr. Gregory Evens, President of the ASPS said, “Our annual statistics serve as a snapshot of the regarding the plastic surgery industry. For the third consecutive year, the overall growth in cosmetic surgery continues to be driven by a significant rise in minimally-invasive procedures, while surgical procedures remained stable. We are aware, however, that patients who begin with less invasive treatments with a plastic surgeon may opt for more invasive, surgical procedure once required.

The area with the greatest growth, 6 percent, was minimally invasive facial procedures which included Botox™ injections, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion. These procedures accounted for 13 million overall.

Surgical procedures decreased by 2 percent, but liposuction, breast augmentations and liposuction accounted for the decline. Facial cosmetic procedures that help patients defy the signs of age such as facelifts and eyelifts experienced an increase while nose reshaping remained stable. Facelifts were up by 6 percent, and eyelifts increased by 4 percent. All of these procedures made the list of the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries in 2012, and are poised for additional growth in 2013.

Reconstructive surgeries such as maxillofacial surgery, scar revision and laceration repair also grew in 2012. The most significant growth was in maxillofacial procedures.

The growth of facial plastic surgery reflects that people baby boomers and professionals are more concerned with looking younger.  For many of these patients Botox™ injections and laser resurfacing simply isn’t enough to maintain a youthful face.

While facial fillers can reduce the appearance of some wrinkles, more prospective patients are realizing that to completely erase the signs of age from the forehead, around the eyes, mouth and lips they need a more comprehensive approach.

Wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and nose can be quickly fixed through injections, but to have more permanent results a facial surgery such as a brow lift or a facelift is necessary. Plumping up the cheeks with implants can also make a person look younger.

Injections require repeated visits to a cosmetic surgeon while the results from face surgery long-lasting results. Facelift patients express satisfaction with their procedures up to seven years after undergoing the procedure.

People in the Dallas area who want to combat the signs of age can turn to Dr. John P. Freeman to fulfill their facial cosmetic surgery needs. Dr. Freeman has dedicated his practice to making people feel and look more youthful and attractive.

Youthful Face Trumps Body Contouring

Katy, TX- People will take extraordinary steps to look good and retain their youthful looks. For many this entails having plastic surgery to contour their bodies or help them look younger. Trends in plastic surgery are always changing and recent data from the UK showed that more people are choosing to look younger than altering their bodies.


plastic surgery

A study from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons showed that anti-aging procedures such as facelifts, eyebrow lifts and eyelifts were more popular in 2012 than body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks. Apparently more Britons are choosing to go to the gym and diet to get the shape they want, but realize that can’t eliminate the signs of aging.

Researchers pointed out that while the number of plastic surgery procedures overall remained stable, there was a double-digit increase in anti-aging procedures. Overall cosmetic procedures rose by .2 percent, breast augmentations remained number one, but fat transfers trumped fat removal procedures which dropped by a least 12 percent.

Although body contouring was stable or decreased slightly, facial cosmetic surgeries, the most effective ways to combat the signs of aging experienced and uptick. Facelifts went up 14 percent; eyelifts increased 11 percent, and eye procedures including fat transfers increased by 13 percent.

Men too jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon. Male eyelifts went up a surprising 19 percent with eye procedures and facelifts increased by 11 percent.

Even with the increases, the number of plastic surgery procedures in the UK, can’t compare to the US which still takes the crown for the most plastic surgery procedures performed.  Plastic surgeons in the UK performed approximately 43, 172. In contrast, an average of over 1.9 million procedures was performed in the US in 2011, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Breast augmentations and liposuction were the two most common cosmetic procedures for US, but facial procedures such as eyelifts and nose jobs ranked in the top five.

Anti-aging procedures are so popular because patients who decide to have face, chin, or eye lifts can help a person look 7 to 10 years younger. And they retain that youthful look for several years after undergoing the procedure. The results are long-lasting and most patients say they would have their facial surgery again.

Facial procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of a person’s face and in the Dallas area looking good is important. Face, chin and eyebrow lifts can reduce the appearance of wrinkles that so often give away our age. A skilled face doctor can remove sagging skin and deep lines by making strategic and unnoticeable incisions, pulling the skin taut and removing the excess skin.

In addition to looking younger, facial cosmetic surgery will make a person feel better about themselves.  Self-confidence is a crucial element to looking younger, when you feel good about yourself and the way you look it shows. When you radiate confidence you look more beautiful to yourself and others. If you look old it can make you feel old, if you to get that youthful feeling again, allow Katy facial surgeon Dr. John Freeman help tap into the fountain of youth.







Face Time Face Lift in Katy

Katy, TX-We all know that when we are photographed we have a good side and a bad. The angle in which our faces are captured can make us look beautiful or very, very unattractive. Whether you are trying to keep up with a long distance lover, a relative, or interested in meeting new people, or having a conference with coworkers, talking face to face over the internet is becoming a way of life and many people are unhappy with the way they look when looking down at their preferred device.

chin augmentation

This unattractive angle has given rise to a new trend in plastic surgery, the Face Time face lift. Even changing the camera angle doesn’t help. Men and women who don’t like the face staring back at them on the computer screen are turning to plastic surgeons to correct a weak or double chin or reshape their noses.


Last year, ABC News profiled a television producer, Trinia Lavey, who spent a great deal of time on Facebook and other social media told them, “I think that social media has really changed so much about how we look at ourselves and judge ourselves. Ten years ago, I don’t think I even noticed that I had a weak chin.”

So Lavey’s solution was to have a chin augmentation, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons other people who spend a lot of time on social media have followed suit. Chin augmentations increased by 17 percent in 2012. She also decided to have a chin augmentation and a nose job.

Lavey’s cosmetic surgery gave her renewed confidence. She told ABC, “It extends all the way from Skyping with people [to] having people tag me in a Facebook photo.” Adding, “If the camera comes out at a party … I am fine with it. I am excited to see them. Before, I used to want to hold my chin, but now I want to show my face.”

But for many a chin augmentation also requires other adjustments to the face on order to maintain balance. A nose augmentation or cheek implant is sometimes necessary to harmoniously balance the face after strengthening the chin with an implant.

Computer cameras can also over emphasize any asymmetry in facial features. Maybe one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, your cheeks are imbalanced or whatever feature of the face is out of symmetry, a skilled plastic surgeon can correct it with a facelift, eyebrow lift or cheek implants.

If you are plagued with the sagging skin under the chin or have a double chin, these problems can be easily corrected with a chin lift. This procedure can remove the excess shin and fat in order to eliminate the doubling effect.

It’s likely that using the internet to talk with others face to face is trend that will only grow. In Katy, Dr. John Freeman can skillfully make the cosmetic enhancements you need to feel more confident in our increasingly technological world.