Lifting the Stigma on Facelifts

These days, an increasing number of people are turning to facelift surgery to look and feel their best. Here in Texas, residents who are trying to fight the signs of aging turn to Katy plastic surgeon Dr. John P. Freeman requesting a facelift because they know it is one of the best and most successful ways to do so. A facelift offers many benefits, including the elimination of sagging skin, wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes that come with age, allowing patients to feel rejuvenated. In fact, an increasing number of men are also undergoing facelift surgery to turn back the hands of time.


At one point, admitting you had plastic surgery was considered taboo, but now, patients are actually praised for their candor – especially public figures.  Women in politics, who are especially influential, have served as inspiration for many cosmetic surgery procedures throughout the years. These days, it’s Michelle Obama’s toned arms that are causing a spike in plastic surgery rates, but 30 years ago, when cosmetic surgery was still kept under wraps, it was the ever-charismatic Betty Ford who inspired the nation to turn to cosmetic surgery.

When we look at a public figure, what’s the first thing we notice? Their face, of course (followed closely by their choice in outfit). More than three decades ago, then-First Lady Betty Ford revealed she had a facelift – the first facelift ever to be revealed in the history of the White House. This kind of news wouldn’t be out of the ordinary today, but back then, when cosmetic surgery patients tended to keep their procedures a secret, Ford’s confession not only garnered praise, but gave women – and men – across the country the boost in confidence they needed to undergo a facelift or any other cosmetic treatment.

Since Ford, there hasn’t been another woman in the White House to admit to having a facelift or any other cosmetic surgery, but Ford’s confession was all it took to spark a revolution.

Other public figures have also admitted to getting a facelift, including actress Jane Fonda and even former Olympic runner and current reality-TV star, Bruce Jenner. Although Michelle Obama may not yet be ready for a facelift, in the eyes of many, Hilary Clinton sure is.

When Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State after four years in office, many thought she was looking increasing tired and worn down. At 65 years of age, Clinton would be the ideal candidate for a facelift, possibly even increasing her chances of getting into the White House in 2016. Not only would she regain her stamina and vigor, but she would also inspire prospective patients to do the same for themselves.

Some public figures – especially men – hide the fact that they’ve had work done because they feel it undermines their credibility. But in reality, the stigma on facelifts has been lifted for quite some time. Anyone considering a facelift these days might actually find they have plenty of encouragement and support. Everyone has the right to look – and feel – their best, and a facelift is definitely a great way to do so.

Cosmetic Surgeries by Age

July 10, 2013, Dallas, TX- Time takes its toll on the human face, at some point we are all going to wake up one day and realize we have aged. That aging process may be subtle at first, but by our 40’s and 50’s wrinkles become obvious and our features begin to droop, but fortunately there are a number of facial cosmetic surgeries that can keep us from looking our ages.

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Most men and women in their 20s don’t have to worry too much about looking older. They have yet to develop those fine lines and wrinkles that deepen as we age. This is the ideal time incorporate an age-defying skin care regime into your daily routine. Regardless of whether you are in your 20s or your 60s, you should be taking care of your skin by using age appropriate skin care products. You should also regularly using sunblock to retain that youthful appearance.

The 20-somethings may not be an age group that has to be too concerned with aging but this happens to a good age for corrective facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty or chin implants. These procedures can adjust disfigurements or imbalances in individual features. Since the face has matured, people in their 20s have the chance to perfect the shape and size of their nose or strengthen the jawline.

If you want to begin a skin routine, but aren’t certain where to begin, the friendly staff at Dallas cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Freeman’s office will show you their lines of exclusive  and superior skin care products.

When we hit our thirties we will begin to see fine lines around our eyes, but they are generally minimal. Individual perceptions can make those fine lines seem more prominent than they really are. Your 30s are the best years to take preventative measures and use continue to use skin care crèmes and specialty facial care products.

It is when people hit their 40s that they really begin to show their age. Lines around the eyes, and mouth and creases along the forehead will become deeper, more noticeable. The skin doesn’t rebound like it did in our 20s and 30s; it loses elasticity and collagen production slows.

This age group often finds that eye lifts and brow lifts are instrumental in eliminating those deepening lines caused by repetitive facial gestures and movements. As we reach our forties, the fat that once gave us plump cheeks or other fuller facial features begin to diminish. Our features can begin to look hollowed out or sunken, lifts for the brows and eyes can eliminate wrinkles caused by a shift in facial adipose. Chin implants can fill out the face giving the patient a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

The mouth, neck and jawline will also begin to show the effect four decades of gravity can have on the face. We can begin to develop the “turkey neck”, lines from the mouth to the chin become folds and we see the beginning of those dreaded jowls. This is a good time to consider a neck lift or chin augmentation.

Unless you have fabulous genes, or have already had preventative lifts and other cosmetic enhancements, the fifties are really when the ravages of time become obvious. Our wrinkles are obvious and gravity has seriously taken its toll. Some people in this age group may only require minor lifts, but many men and women find that total facelifts are the best method to turn back the hands of time. A facelift in your 50s or 60s can make you look several years younger and the results will be long-lasting.

If you look older than you would like and would like to refresh your appearance and enrich your self-esteem speak with Dallas face doctor Dr. John Freeman to determine which cosmetic surgeries will make you look and feel younger.

Choose the Right Facial Surgeon

July 6, 2013, Dallas, TX- The plastic surgery industry has expanded a great deal over the past two decades. New procedures are being developed and refined and there are now more cosmetic surgeons for a patient to choose from. No matter what cosmetic surgeries you want or plan to have the most assured way to get the best results is to hire the very best cosmetic surgeon, and here are some tips to help you determine which cosmetic surgeon is right for you.

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The first thing you should do is to check the plastic surgeon’s credentials; are they board-certified in the surgery you are considering? This is especially important because any doctor can legally perform a nose job, which means even a podiatrist could perform a nose job, but board-certified plastic surgeon has two to five years general surgical experience in addition to one or more years of cosmetic surgical experience.

If you are having a nose job, a chin implant, face lift or other procedure that permanently alters your face you need to make certain the person you are choosing has the necessary education and skills to give you the best results.

In addition to being a fellow at Vanderbilt University and the recipient of numerous awards, Dallas cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Freeman is board certified in maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Freeman has focused his professional career on correcting facial flaws, minor imperfections and disfigurements by improving the natural contours of his patient’s faces.

After checking into a plastic surgeon’s credentials, a prospective patient should set up a consultation where they can discuss the surgeries they are considering what end results they hope to achieve. The consultation allows the patient and surgeon to establish trust, which is crucial to any successful cosmetic surgery. Having trust in a cosmetic surgeon can help alleviate any anxiety a patient may have prior to and after their surgery.

Dr. John Freeman considers the consultation to be an important step in establishing a strong patient/doctor relationship. During this crucial meeting, he will diligently listen to your wishes, expectations, and address any concerns his patient’s may have.

Dr. Freeman will thoroughly explain a procedure so his patients have a clear understanding of what the surgery itself and the recovery process will entail.

The consultation is the time to discuss which procedure or procedures the patient wishes to have and gives the surgeon the chance to make their recommendations on whether additional procedures are necessary to achieve the patient’s goals. Sometimes a nose job patient can also benefit from a chin augmentation to assure their faces retain a harmonious balance.

A consultation will also give a patient the opportunity to see photos of a surgeon’s previous clients. Any successful and practiced cosmetic surgeon will gladly share before and after photos of previous patients. Dr. Freeman proudly displays photos of some of his patients on his website.

Any person considering plastic surgery should do some research, both about their procedure and the doctor that will be performing their procedure. If you are in the Dallas-area, set up a consultation with Dr. John Freeman to discuss how he can help you put your best face forward.