Good Candidate For A Facelift

These days, it seems like there is a new type of cosmetic procedure introduced every week. These procedures often bill themselves as non-surgical facelifts, but it is important to understand the differences between them and traditional facelifts. Many people continue to rely on traditional techniques because they’ve learned that the non-surgical options are less predictable and need to be repeated up to three times per year.


If you are considering getting a facelift, you are likely wondering whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. This article will help you make that decision. Dr. John P. Freeman is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who serves clients in the Houston area. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

A Facelift Is A Cosmetic Surgery That Addresses The Visible Signs Of Aging On A Patient’s Face

As you age, both gravity and chemical changes will begin to alter the shape of your face. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that candidates for facelifts have noticed a loosening of their facial skin, an accumulation of skin under their jaw line or a sagging of their cheeks. In other words, if you look in the mirror and the appearance of your face doesn’t match the way you feel, you could be a candidate for a facelift.

Your surgeon will evaluate you based on both your medical history and a physical evaluation. Things that your surgeon will take into account include:

  • Skin texture
  • Skin structure
  • Skin thickness
  • Bone structure
  • Skin elasticity

Facelifts can be performed in a variety of ways, so they are highly customizable. There are very few reasons why you would be disqualified for a facelift. Contrary to popular belief, many people who are smokers or who have diabetes can be good candidates. It is important to discuss your specific health issues with your surgeon to determine if you are healthy enough for a facelift.

A Facelift Can Have Effects That Go Beyond What You See In The Mirror

When your mental self-image isn’t reflected in the mirror, you can experience psychological changes. If you look old, then you may start to act old. After a facelift, however, you will see a rested and youthful face in the mirror, which can increase your confidence and lend you a more energetic outlook. To develop a plan to achieve your body image goals, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

Benefits Of A Facelift

The world is changing—people are living longer, healthier lives, and those who are middle-aged or retired are more active and fit. Unfortunately, all that exercise and life experience can make people appear older than they feel. To fix this disparity, many Americans look to cosmetic surgery.


The increased demand for facial cosmetic surgery has led to a growing number of new techniques that are advertised as non-invasive and fast, but for the best results, most people still trust traditional facelift procedures. Dr. John P. Freeman has spent years perfecting this craft and offers one of the most professional cosmetic surgery services in the Houston area.

This article will cover three benefits of choosing a traditional facelift procedure. If you have any questions about facelifts, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

1. Facelifts Are A Long-Lasting Cosmetic Surgery

Facelifts have long been considered one of the longest-lasting facial cosmetic procedures, but not much research was conducted on the treatment until recently. Gulf News reports that a newly released study found that more than 75 percent of people who have facelift surgeries still look younger five years after their operation. Other solutions, such as Botox, require follow-up appointments every six months, but after a facelift, you can be confident in your looks for years to come.


2. Facelifts Are Completely Customized

Every person’s face is unique. They have different angles, skin consistencies and overall shapes.

What looks good for one patient may look unattractive on another. Injectables cannot offer truly consistent results because they have a lower level of customizability. During a facelift procedure, however, cosmetic surgeons have a very high level of control. They can decide where incisions should be placed, what tissue should be repositioned and in which direction the skin should be pulled.

3. Facelifts Will Make You Look Younger

Two of the hallmarks of aging are sagging skin and wrinkles. Although there are many procedures that address these issues, a facelift offers the most youthful results.

Imagine that you have a piece of fabric that has been stretched and wrinkled for 40 years. Injectables are similar to an iron on a low temperature, which relax the wrinkles temporarily. Soon, though, the fabric reverts to the same lines that have been developing for decades. A facelift pulls that fabric tight, keeping it from wrinkling for years.

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Woman Takes Brave Step

Many cosmetic procedures are now ingrained in popular culture, and it’s hard to find one that people don’t have an opinion about. After the revelation that Marilyn Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery, public opinion has continued to soften toward the procedures, with opinions now tending toward allowing every person the freedom to alter and express themselves however they see fit.


As the topic is seen more and more often in the media, some people in the Asian-American community have expressed discomfort at the idea of Asians undergoing eyelid lifts. SF Gate reports that in the midst of the growing controversy, one woman has spoken out and says that she does not regret having the procedure. After Ly Duong had the operation, she posted her picture on Facebook and declared how happy she was with the results.

People All Over The World Are Taking Control Of Their Appearance With Cosmetic Surgery

The eyelid lift has long been a popular surgery in South Korea, where cosmetic procedures are advertised heavily in metropolitan centers such as Seoul. In fact, the nation’s predilection for the surgery has spread, and now, many people living in China travel to South Korea to have the procedure done.

When you have a mental image of yourself and it isn’t reflected in the mirror, low self-esteem can settle in. People like Ly Duong prove that you have the power to change your appearance and to regain your confidence.

If you live in Texas, give Dr. John P. Freeman a call. He can help you feel happy while looking in the mirror. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

Many People Who Have The Surgery Report That They Did The Surgery For Themselves

People who have spoken against the surgery often express that they are worried that the men and women who have it done feel pressured to do so by society. The women that were interviewed for the SF Gate article dismissed those fears and reported that they chose to have the surgery for personal reasons. Many said that it made putting on make up easier and that they couldn’t be happier with the results.

All over the United States, people are undergoing this procedure to gain better vision, correct under-eye puffiness or just to feel better about their appearance. Whatever your reason for considering an eyelid lift, we hope that you’ll schedule a consultation with us to discuss the surgery in detail and to make an informed and personal decision. To learn more, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

2 Ways To Prepare

If you are planning to have a facelift or any other type of cosmetic surgery, it is not uncommon to have some anxiety about the procedure and to worry that you might not be prepared. Rest assured—the most important part of preparing for your surgery is selecting your surgeon carefully.


It’s important to find someone with a strong history of performing the procedure that you seek. Beyond researching your doctor, Mayo Clinic offers some tips on how to prepare for a cosmetic procedure:

1. Review Your Medical History

Once you’ve selected a surgeon, you’ll want to start preparing for your initial exam. Take a moment to look over your medical history.

Chances are your surgeon will ask you some questions about medical conditions that you currently have or have had in the past. They also will want to know about former surgeries and anything else that might affect your cosmetic procedure. This will help them determine the specifics of your surgery.

This leads back to the importance of selecting a surgeon carefully. You will need to rely on your surgeon’s understanding of the field. He or she should possess the training necessary to make recommendations based on your unique medical history and body type.

Dr. John Freeman, who operates out of his Houston-based practice, is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon and is fully board certified. What does that mean for you?

It means that Dr. Freeman has enough training and real-world experience to give you results that meet or beat your expectations. To schedule a consultation, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

2. Discuss Your Cosmetic Surgery Expectations

During the exam, it is very important to discuss your expectations openly with your surgeon. After all, if they don’t know what you expect, how can they provide the best possible outcome?

Take some time before the examination to put your expectations into words that are clear and unambiguous. Making sure that there is no miscommunication between you and your surgeon is the best way to guarantee that you get satisfying results.

A good surgeon will know how to communicate with you in order to best understand your goals. He or she will ask the right questions and will adjust your treatment based on your body type.

Dr. Freeman uses an initial consultation to build trust with his clients, ensuring that he and his patients are on the same page. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!



Face Of American Beauty

Many people view cosmetic surgery as a new fad that only is sought by pseudo celebrities. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.


Last year, more than 14.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed, and that number is expected to increase in the coming years. According to a Parade article, the appeal of these treatments is nothing new.

The article reveals that Marilyn Monroe, an icon of American beauty, had cosmetic surgery. The news comes from an anonymous collector who is auctioning off Monroe’s medical records and x-rays. The source hid the memorabilia for more than six decades.

The medical records were written by a popular, Hollywood plastic-surgeon, named Michael Gurdin. The notes indicate that Monroe underwent a chin-implant procedure in 1950. There always has been speculation that Monroe had cosmetic surgery, but many thought that she had a rhinoplasty.

Choose An Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon For Your Chin Implant Or Facelift

As you might imagine, with 14.6 million procedures performed every year, there are quite a few cosmetic surgeons. Because cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular, the field likely will become more appealing to medical students. It’s important to note, however, that not all cosmetic surgeons are created equal, and you should try to find one that has extensive training.

Dr. John Freeman works in the Houston area and obtained his medical degree from the esteemed Vanderbilt University. He is board certified and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

Monroe’s X-Rays Also Show Evidence Of A Rhinoplasty

The doctor’s notes that are up for auction state that Monroe’s chin implants slowly were absorbing into her skin. That’s because in the 1950s, surgeons used carved bovine-cartilage instead of the silicone implants used today. The notes are accompanied by x-rays that were taken after she died.

Many claim that Monroe’s x-rays also show evidence of a small rhinoplasty operation. The doctor’s notes and x-rays will be auctioned together and are expected to be sold for as much as $30,000.

Whether you’re looking for a rhinoplasty, a facelift or facial implants, we can help. Dr. Freeman specializes in creating a refreshed look by masking the signs of premature aging. To take advantage of his services, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!


Rise In Chin Implant Procedures

For more than a decade, the media has been obsessed with the effects of technology and how it changes the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. According to the New York Times, recent advances in technology also may be affecting the way we perceive ourselves.


The article states that phones featuring video calling and front-facing cameras are causing people to be more aware of physical appearance. It cites the recent release of iOS 7 as a principal contributor to the trend.

Specifically, the FaceTime button, which is found next to the call button, is the characteristic of the new iOS 7 system that’s making phone calls a more personal experience. It allows people to participate in face-to-face conversations. However, due to the location of the FaceTime button, these calls often are made visible by accident.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Can Make Your FaceTime More Enjoyable

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more socially acceptable. Men and women are taking advantage of new technology that makes these procedures safe and effective.

If you’re located in Houston, Tex. or a surrounding area, Dr. John P. Freeman wants to help you meet your cosmetic goals. He is board certified in maxillofacial surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). To schedule a consultation, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

FaceTime May Increase Rates of Chin Implant Procedures

If you don’t differentiate between your FaceTIme ringtone and your regular one, you may answer a video call unknowingly. The New York Times article points out that the angle that most of us use when video chatting is not the most flattering and puts a negative image in our minds of how we appear.

We’re surrounded by pictures of celebrities and other beautiful people on the screens of our phones or tablets, and then, we catch sight of ourselves, and it’s difficult not to compare. Fortunately, we live in an age when what we see in that digital mirror isn’t what we have to live with.

The article explains that between 2010 and 2011, the number of chin implant treatments rose by 71 percent. 2010 happens to be the year that FaceTime was introduced.

Liposuction and neck tightening procedures also are becoming more common, since video calling became popular. Although the increase in cosmetic procedures may partly be due to this technology-driven self-inspection, there are two other contributing factors:

  1. Cosmetic surgery has become more accepted in our society. People realize that it is conducted by trained, reputable cosmetic surgeons.
  2. Looking younger and healthier contributes to higher self-esteem and more success personally and professionally.

So, can the iPhone take the credit for an increase in cosmetic procedures? Yes, partly, but changing social mores will make the increase a lasting one.

Dr. John Freeman was trained at the world-renowned Vanderbilt University. We enjoy a long list of repeat customers, but we love inviting new patients to our practice!

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Therapeutic Effects of Eye Lifts

Eyelids are one of the biggest problem areas for many people. As we age, our eyelids sag and become one of the most obvious indicators of our ages. In 2012, over 200,000 Americans had eyelid lifts, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. According to a recent ABC News article, the surgery has benefits beyond the cosmetic.


Eyelid lifts, professionally known as blepharoplasties, are often conducted for medical reasons. When the upper eyelid begins to sag, a person’s peripheral vision can become impaired. This is not only frustrating for the individual, but it also can become a safety issue when a person gets behind the wheel or when they operate machinery.

One difference between undergoing a blepharoplasty for medical reasons and for cosmetic ones is that Medicare will often pay for those that are medically necessary. According to Medicare guidelines, eyelid lifts becomes medically necessary if the patient’s eyelid sagging causes difficulty reading, headaches from straining to lift their eyebrows or injuries caused by impaired peripheral vision.

These functional blepharoplasties are most often needed by people in their 70s and 80s. Many older men and women report that they can barely open their eyes at the end of the day, not because they are tired but because their eyelids are too heavy and they’ve grown sore from keeping them open all day.

Whether a blepharoplasty is done for cosmetic reasons or for medical ones, the operation is the same. A cosmetic surgeon will remove excess fat, muscle and skin that have gathered around the eyelid, sometimes on both the upper and lower lids. They do so by making small incisions in inconspicuous places around the eyelids. They also use dissolvable stitches that lessen the chances of leaving a scar. Although the primary goal of any eyelid lift is to fix eyelid sag, many patients also notice reduced puffiness and less noticeable bags under their eyelids.

The procedure leaves patients looking younger, rested and more alert. Dropping eyelids are common among both men and women, making it one of the top procedures that are enjoyed by both sexes. It is also frequently combined with brow lifts and face lifts. Combining these treatments provides the patient with a more dramatic and long-lasting effect that can take years off of the face.

It is common to have questions when you consider any type of surgery. We urge you to contact us and schedule a consultation with our resident cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Freeman. Dr. Freeman earned his medical degree from Vanderbilt University and has since gained experience and training that you can rely on. To schedule a consultation, please call 281-599-9445.



Thin Cheeks Sign of Aging

For years, cosmetic surgeons have focused their attention solely on eliminating wrinkles, specifically marionette lines that run from the nose down to the mouth. The increased definition of these lines is one of the biggest contributors to an older-looking face. The elimination of these wrinkles does make a difference, but many patients noticed that they didn’t necessarily look younger. This led many cosmetic surgeons to reevaluate the approach that they take toward fixing these wrinkle lines.


The New York Times reports that the newest approaches focus on rebuilding cheek definition, which not only takes care of the wrinkles but also restores a youthful look. The article claims that people with thinner faces tend to show the signs of aging more than those with rounder cheeks. Furthermore, as we age, we lose volume in our faces, predominantly in the cheek area, which is why just filling in the wrinkles is not cutting it for many patients.

Rounder cheeks are the hallmarks of youthfulness, whereas sunken cheeks show a person’s age. The cause of thinner cheeks is threefold: first, as we age, the bone structure beneath our cheeks erodes, making the face look thinner and thinner every year. Second, the layer of fat that lies on top of the cheek bone also thins and is pulled down. Third, the body’s natural production of collagen slows, leading to less-firm skin that is prone to develop fine lines.

Patients are beginning to come around to the new way of thinking after they see the results. Many people look in the mirror, and all they see are the wrinkles, and all they want to do is get rid of the lines, but the problem is better solved by increasing the volume of their cheeks.

Many patients opt for fillers to restore their face’s volume, but, as the article points out, this can often lead to a “chipmunk-cheek look.” A more precise and lasting fix is found in the cheek implant, which is particularly suitable for people with naturally thinner faces. Cheek implants are small pouches of silicone that are placed over the cheekbone surgically. They are implanted using small incisions that are closed with dissolving stitches that leave no scars.

Choosing cheek implants also offers patients a more natural look. They look healthier and more youthful. Our surgeon, John P. Freeman, specializes in facial implants of all kinds. He has been ahead of the curve, using implants for years. He also has the experience and skill necessary to give you the look that you want without looking like you’ve had any procedure done at all. To schedule a consultation, please call 281-599-9445.



Which Facelift Procedure is Right

Thanks to breakthroughs in medical science and technology, cosmetic surgery is more safe and effective than ever before.  If you are interested in a facelift, there are many procedures available for a variety of cosmetic goals.  Although it’s important to consult a surgeon before deciding which treatment is best, this article will introduce to the most popular facelift procedures and point you in the right direction.


1. Mid Facelift

When the area of the face between the cheeks flattens without sagging in the neck, a mid facelift is often suggested. The mid facelift rejuvenates the face, as opposed to a full facelift that is a more drastic surgery. The surgeon will make several small incisions along the patient’s hairline and inside the mouth to lift and reposition the fatty layers. This procedure results in practically no scars and has a rather short recovery time.

2. Mini Facelift

The mini facelift is the least invasive facelift and is comparable to a full facelift. Unfortunately, the results may not last as long. During the procedure, an incision is made from the hairline around the ear, and the scar is hidden in the natural folds of the patient’s skin. The surgeon will use an endoscope to reposition the soft tissues and a suture to reposition the skin.

3. Thread Lift

The thread lift is a less invasive procedure that is used to treat minor sagging in the eyes, forehead and nasolabial fold. Threads hold the skin in place, which will not be absorbed or dissolved. No skin is cut away in this procedure.

4. Skin-Only Facelift

With the skin-only facelift, only the facial skin is lifted, excluding the SMAS layer of ligaments and muscles. The longevity of this type of facelift is short due to the lack of elasticity in the patient’s skin. However, this procedure has fewer complications than others.

5. MACS Facelift

During a Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) lift, the surgeon fixes sagging facial features with a small incision. It is a safer procedure compared to other options and results in a smaller scar due to the amount of skin raised. This reduces the risk of bleeding and nerve damage. There is also a shorter recovery time, resulting in a more natural look.

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is defined by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as a procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as sagging, deep creases, fallen fat and loose skin or muscle. Dr. John Freeman practices in Houston, TX and specializes in facial cosmetic surgery. For a professional facelift in the Houston, TX area, call Dr. Freeman at 281-599-9445.

Top Three Facelift Benefits

Facelifts are a popular method of improving looks and battling the inevitable aging process. As modern technology in cosmetic surgery has advanced, so have the results of facelifts. This transforming procedure leaves people with more natural-looking results than ever and makes patients’ faces appear years younger.


 There are a number of improvements that you’ll notice after a facelift.  According to WebMD, breakthroughs in the process make them safer and yield results that are more satisfactory than treatments of the past. Here are a few of the top benefits of having a facelift:

1. Removal of Deep Facial Creases

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but they are also the most unattractive aspect of growing old. Using wrinkle creams and avoiding the sun can slow down the appearance of deep facial wrinkles, but nothing can completely prevent creases from appearing.

Two common places for people to develop wrinkles are around the mouth and on the sides of the nose. When these two areas start showing creasing and wrinkling, you no longer have a youthful face and your age becomes more apparent to others.  Facelifts will reverse decades of aging instantly and smooth the creases in these two areas. You will be able to face everyone you meet with a youthful-looking, smooth face that will radiate vitality.

2. Reshaping of Chin and Neck Contours

As we age, gravity takes its toll. Decades of spending most of your time in a vertical position causes your face, chin and neck to begin to droop. There are a few steps you can take to help slow down this process, such as sleeping on your back rather than your side, but ultimately, you will experience a loss of chin and neck contours.

Facelifts will undo the damage done by gravity by lifting the sagging and lose skin that is responsible for the lack of contour in your chin and neck. Tightening these areas will immediately give you a more youthful and strong appearance. A strong chin and neck is an attractive attribute in a person. If you’ve lost yours, a facelift can help you get them back.

3. More Confidence

Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting a facelift is the boost of confidence you’ll get when you notice your results. You’ll see a face you haven’t seen in years looking back at you with a youthful radiance.

The reality of our society is that the more attractive and confident you are, the more successful you become. With a facelift, you’ll get back your youthful attractiveness and a renewal of your confidence that will help you strive for that raise, get back in the dating scene or just rekindle a new level of romance with your spouse.

If you’re in the Houston, Texas area and want to get the benefits of a facelift, contact Dr. John Freeman at 281-599-9445, or you can visit our website to find out how you can get started with a facelift today.