Chin Implant Surgeon in Houston, Texas

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, patients who are considering plastic surgery to improve their appearance may want to consider mentoplasty, or chin augmentation. Chin augmentation surgery can lead to more symmetrical and more attractive facial features. Facial symmetry is associated with attractiveness and health. Chin size and structure can also have an effect on a person’s professional advancement. For instance, studies have shown that broader chinned individuals often receive more promotions. Broader chins are also associated with higher testosterone in men, which makes these males more attractive on the dating market. Chin size and structure provide many subtle social cues.


The surgery is relatively straightforward. An incision is made under the chin or inside the mouth. Once the surgeon makes the cut, he or she will carefully make space for the chin implant. It is important to find a skilled and qualified chin implant surgeon. The size and shape of the implant must be carefully considered as it can have a huge impact on a patient’s overall appearance and facial structure following surgery. Chin augmentation surgery is a subtle surgery that often can lead to dramatic results. Every person’s face is unique. A qualified facial plastic surgeon can consider your needs and work with you to select a shape and size that is right for you. Chin augmentation surgery is selected by patients looking to improve their appearance.

Chin augmentation surgery should not be confused with orthognathic surgery. This surgery can correct problems with overbites or under bites. Orthognathic surgery can also lead to better oral health, and correct for irregular wearing of the teeth.

With mentoplasty, patients may elect to reduce the size of their chins. The procedure is also relatively straightforward, starting with a small incision either under the chin or inside the patient’s mouth. The bone will then be carefully shaped to a more pleasing size. The surgery doesn’t take long to perform; it lasts approximately one hour. Whatever your needs, finding a qualified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas is essential. Your surgeon will work with you to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine the best chin augmentation surgery for you. Dr. John P. Freeman is a qualified facial plastic surgeon with a degree in maxillofacial surgery from Vanderbilt University. His qualifications, his years working with patients, and his compassionate and attentive care allow him to provide his patients with the best possible outcome for their chin augmentation surgeries in Houston, Texas.

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Chin implant candidates should be in good physical health. Patients who take anticoagulants or who smoke may not be ideal candidates for chin augmentation surgery. Patients should have reasonable expectations about what the surgery can accomplish. Results are often subtle. In many cases, patients choose to undergo rhinoplasty along with chin augmentation surgery in order to get a more balanced result. Patients with receded chins, pointed chins, prominent noses, or fleshy jowls may be able to see the greatest improvement from mentoplasty. Chin augmentation can reduce the signs of aging. Patients should always consult with their facial plastic surgeon before undergoing any procedure. Your surgeon will consider your goals and your needs and determine whether chin implants or mentoplasty is right for you. Dr. John P. Freeman is a chin augmentation surgeon in Houston, Texas who will review with you the risks and benefits of mentoplasty and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Risks and Benefits of Mentoplasty

Some of the risks of mentoplasty include swelling and bruising. Other rarer risks of chin augmentation surgery include movement of the implant, teeth damage, and numbness or loss of feeling, blood clots, and infection. In order to avoid some of the rarer complications, patients should review their medical histories with their facial plastic surgeon before undergoing a chin augmentation procedure. Some patients with health conditions or smokers may be at greater risk of developing complications. Dr. John P. Freeman is a facial plastic surgeon who is trained in maxillofacial surgery. He will take the time to review your medical history and inform you of any risk the surgery may pose.

There are many benefits of chin augmentation. The surgery can lead to a more balanced facial appearance. Patients with weak chins, those who wish to reverse some of the signs of aging, and patients who want to improve the balance and proportion of their faces can all be helped by chin augmentation. Dr. John P. Freeman understands that patients seeking chin augmentation need to select a shape and size chin implant that best suits their facial structure. If you’re considering getting chin implants in Houston, Texas, contact Dr. John P. Freeman today.

After Your Chin Augmentation Surgery 

Chin implants and chin augmentation is a surgical procedure, and as such, patients should expect a recovery period following surgery. You may experience some mild discomfort that can be alleviated with proper pain medication. You may also have some difficulty chewing in the days following your surgery. In the first few weeks following your surgery, you should avoid heavy activity. Most patients have fully recovered within six weeks following their procedures. Dr. John P. Freeman performs chin augmentation for individuals in Houston, Texas. Contact him today to learn more about the procedure and about what the procedure can do for you.