Cosmetic Surgery Trends for Men

April, 22, 2013, Dallas, TX- Slowly, over the past few decades, men have begun to warm up to the idea of cosmetic surgery. While women still make up the majority of aesthetic surgery patients, the number of men choosing to have a nip and tuck grows year over year.

male plastic surgery 2

Whether it is too get ahead in their careers, or to just feel better about themselves men are realizing that they no longer have worry about the negative stigma they once faced for having plastic surgery. It’s not only acceptable, but a great way for the American male to get ahead in our increasingly competitive world.

The board room is no place to look tired so men are looking to plastic surgeons to give them a strong facial profile and wipe away signs of age. Being good-looking can really give a person’s career a boost, last year a study from the University of Texas showed that attractive men and women land jobs quicker; are more likely to get promotions, and make an average of 3 to 4 percent more than people who aren’t blessed with natural beauty.

What people find attractive changes just like fashion and style, but fashion can’t make a person more attractive, because people unconsciously evaluate a person’s beauty based on their facial symmetry and whether feature complement one another, it’s a primal instinct.

A growing trend among men is chin surgery; call it the Mad Men effect—AMC’s popular television show set in the 1960s about a Manhattan ad agency. Men want strong, square jaws, like the Mad Men’s leading male character Don Draper played by actor Jon Hamm. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentations grew by 71 percent in 2011.

Instead of changing their noses, men want to alter their chins to match their noses A too prominent chin can be easily correct by shaving off a little of the chin bone. A chin implant can give added definition to a man’s jawline.

Nose shaping is also common, unlike women, men aren’t seeking pert noses instead they want surgeons to retain some of the distinctive features, but also improve the balance between the chin and nose. The nose, like the chin, can be reshaped by removing some of the bone while leaving distinguishing features.

And luckily for the busy man, having an elective cosmetic procedure won’t require too much down time. Over the years the instruments and incisions used in plastic surgery have gotten smaller, and techniques have been refined so patients are able to have a chin augmentation or nose job with very little down time. Most patients can return to work just a within days of their procedure.

Dallas area cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Freeman has devoted his practice to improving and beautifying the face. He offers a number of facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in his state-of-the-art facility. If you are man or woman who is considering plastic surgery, contact his office to set up a consultation.