Facelift Can Profoundly Enhance Your Appearance

A facelift is a surgery that many men and women start to consider as aging begins to take a toll on their facial appearance. Your skin may begin to sag, you’ll notice more wrinkles, and you may notice loose or unwanted fat. There are many signs that you will begin to notice, which will then have you considering having a facelift in Katy, Texas.

A facelift can profoundly enhance your appearance, making you look substantially younger. The results are long lasting unlike some other facial procedures designed to enhance your facial appearance. Your surgeon will begin your facelift process by performing an examination of your face and features. They will then make the determination as to how to go about your surgery.

When they begin the facelift surgery, they will make several incisions in inconspicuous areas.  They will use these incisions to work with the muscles in the face and to remove unwanted fat and skin. They will also redeposit fat in areas that may need it as well as work with the facial tissues. When through, they will pull the skin tight and use sutures to close the incisions. All this will be done under a general anesthetic.

So, are you considering a facelift in Katy, Texas? If so, set up a consultation to learn more about this wonderful and effective surgery.