How a Chemical Peel Helps to Rid Surface Scars

Chemical peels are great for removing and reducing surface scars on the face. No one wants to be humiliated by the scarring that may occur on their face from either acne or other reasons that caused there to be scars on their face. A Katy, Texas plastic surgeon often suggests chemical peels to their patients for surface scarring.

Chemical peels are a method of scar rejuvenation that just happens to be great for smaller surface scars. They peel can typically be performed with different chemical potencies. Your surgeon will more than likely use a higher level chemical peel if you suffer from scarring. They will then apply the chemical to the face and then wipe it clean. This will help remove the dead skin cells, allowing for new skin to appear.

This method of scar removal doesn’t take long and can be done every few months or so. It is noninvasive and painless. So, are you still wondering how a chemical peel by a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can help get rid of your surface scars? Call and set up a consultation.