Katy Texas Scar Removal Resources and Solutions

Some scars are able to be removed by nonsurgical methods. Nevertheless, some people may have stubborn scars that are deep and unwilling to go away with nonsurgical treatments. Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can perform a scar revision surgery that will help minimize or eliminate the appearance of these stubborn scars.

Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon will surgically remove the scar by cutting around the damaged tissue. They will then suture the surrounding healthy tissue together so that a nicer, smaller incision line appears. This will help to greatly reduce the visibility of the scar.

This scar revision surgery won’t take too long to perform and won’t require any downtime. You will just need to take care of the area with the aftercare directions your surgeon gives you during your consultation.

When a person has an ugly, visible scar, it can make them feel less attractive and afraid to wear clothes that may show the scar. This can hinder them from living a normal life. There is no reason for this. Contact your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon, so you can alleviate this feeling of not being at your best and looking your best.