Why Orthognathic Surgery Is Combined with Chin Surgery

Orthognathic surgery helps align the jaw so that your facial structure is balanced. Many people who go through this surgery at their Katy, Texas plastic surgeon’s office will typically have the surgery combined with chin surgery.

Orthognathic surgery is a very serious surgical procedure that will leave you in recovery for quite some time. However, it is the only surgery that can help make your jaw more balanced for optimal teeth alignment as well as restoring balance to the entire structure of your face.

The reason for having chin surgery done at the same time as your orthognathic surgery is due to the fact that it too will need to be aligned with the rest of the face. If your jaw is made balanced, then your chin may appear unbalanced if it isn’t corrected. It is best to get it done when you get the orthognathic surgery to ensure the best results.

Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon will examine your teeth alignment, jaw, chin, and entire facial structure prior to surgery. They will let you know whether they feel you could use chin surgery combined with the orthognathic surgery. Just call your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon to set up an appointment to learn more about the surgeries and how they could improve your facial structure and improper teeth positioning.