5 FAQs About Blepharoplasty

Each year, hundreds of thousands of blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts) are performed on men and women to reverse the signs of aging and remove puffiness that can make them appear tired. A blepharoplasty can produce great results when used alone, and it can be used in combination with another facial procedure to produce a more comprehensive result. Below, you will find more information about the procedure.


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Cosmetic Surgery Trends for Men

April, 22, 2013, Dallas, TX- Slowly, over the past few decades, men have begun to warm up to the idea of cosmetic surgery. While women still make up the majority of aesthetic surgery patients, the number of men choosing to have a nip and tuck grows year over year.

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Whether it is too get ahead in their careers, or to just feel better about themselves men are realizing that they no longer have worry about the negative stigma they once faced for having plastic surgery. It’s not only acceptable, but a great way for the American male to get ahead in our increasingly competitive world.

The board room is no place to look tired so men are looking to plastic surgeons to give them a strong facial profile and wipe away signs of age. Being good-looking can really give a person’s career a boost, last year a study from the University of Texas showed that attractive men and women land jobs quicker; are more likely to get promotions, and make an average of 3 to 4 percent more than people who aren’t blessed with natural beauty.

What people find attractive changes just like fashion and style, but fashion can’t make a person more attractive, because people unconsciously evaluate a person’s beauty based on their facial symmetry and whether feature complement one another, it’s a primal instinct.

A growing trend among men is chin surgery; call it the Mad Men effect—AMC’s popular television show set in the 1960s about a Manhattan ad agency. Men want strong, square jaws, like the Mad Men’s leading male character Don Draper played by actor Jon Hamm. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentations grew by 71 percent in 2011.

Instead of changing their noses, men want to alter their chins to match their noses A too prominent chin can be easily correct by shaving off a little of the chin bone. A chin implant can give added definition to a man’s jawline.

Nose shaping is also common, unlike women, men aren’t seeking pert noses instead they want surgeons to retain some of the distinctive features, but also improve the balance between the chin and nose. The nose, like the chin, can be reshaped by removing some of the bone while leaving distinguishing features.

And luckily for the busy man, having an elective cosmetic procedure won’t require too much down time. Over the years the instruments and incisions used in plastic surgery have gotten smaller, and techniques have been refined so patients are able to have a chin augmentation or nose job with very little down time. Most patients can return to work just a within days of their procedure.

Dallas area cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Freeman has devoted his practice to improving and beautifying the face. He offers a number of facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in his state-of-the-art facility. If you are man or woman who is considering plastic surgery, contact his office to set up a consultation.


Plastic Surgery Makes People Happier

March, 12, 2013, Katy, TX- Plastic surgery is a booming business; its popularity steadily grows year after year. Millions of people enjoy the many benefits of cosmetic enhancements and now a study proves what patients have known all along; plastic surgery does make people happier.

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Researchers in Europe discovered after studying 550 plastic surgery patients over a long period of time and found that overall; individuals who have plastic surgery have measurable psychological benefits.

The researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum in a partnership with the University of Basel studied the life satisfaction and improved self-esteem using a psychological instrument called the “Goal Attainment Scaling,” according to Psychcentral.com.

The questions were designed to determine if people who want plastic surgery were somehow different than people who don’t, what their goals were prior to surgery and whether they had attained them post-surgery. They also included questions relating to unrealistic plastic surgery goals such as “I’m a completely new person,” and “All my problems will be solved.”

What they found was that only a small percentage of patients, only 12 percent, had unrealistic goals. And that the majority of plastic surgery patients were women, 87 percent, though that gap could close some over the next decade as men find cosmetic surgery more appealing. Also the desire to have cosmetic surgery was higher among younger adults with above-average income.

Replies to the open questions included “feel better” “eliminate blemishes” and “develop more self-confidence,” according to Psychcentral.com.

The participants were questioned before and after their surgery in 3, 6 and 12 months. Cosmetic surgery patients reported being happy with their how their surgery turned out, and expressed satisfaction with the results over the long term. What’s more is they reported less anxiousness, felt healthier,  had more self-esteem, and said their bodies as whole and the area that received cosmetic enhancement was more attractive.

This study shows that looks do matter, and people who have physical flaws or look older then they feel actually feel better about themselves and their lives following plastic surgery.

Any number of physical flaws especially the ones on the face can make people unhappy. The face is one of the first things people notice about us. Having a weak jawline, a nose that is too big or crooked or deep lines can make people feel insecure. If people find something about their face or rest of their body they don’t like that flaw can become the focus of all their attention, they can become obsessive. This insecurity will affect every aspect of a person’s life from their professional to personal lives.

If a simple surgery can correct or enhance your facial features then it is worth it to talk to a plastic surgeon to determine what cosmetic procedures can make you more beautiful. Whether it is a nose job, a chin augmentation or a facelift, this study shows plastic surgery will indeed make you happier.

Dr. John Freeman of Katy, TX is devoted to perfecting the face and helping his patients become more beautiful. Contact his office to set up a consultation to discuss how he can improve your life.

Face Time Face Lift in Katy

Katy, TX-We all know that when we are photographed we have a good side and a bad. The angle in which our faces are captured can make us look beautiful or very, very unattractive. Whether you are trying to keep up with a long distance lover, a relative, or interested in meeting new people, or having a conference with coworkers, talking face to face over the internet is becoming a way of life and many people are unhappy with the way they look when looking down at their preferred device.

chin augmentation

This unattractive angle has given rise to a new trend in plastic surgery, the Face Time face lift. Even changing the camera angle doesn’t help. Men and women who don’t like the face staring back at them on the computer screen are turning to plastic surgeons to correct a weak or double chin or reshape their noses.


Last year, ABC News profiled a television producer, Trinia Lavey, who spent a great deal of time on Facebook and other social media told them, “I think that social media has really changed so much about how we look at ourselves and judge ourselves. Ten years ago, I don’t think I even noticed that I had a weak chin.”

So Lavey’s solution was to have a chin augmentation, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons other people who spend a lot of time on social media have followed suit. Chin augmentations increased by 17 percent in 2012. She also decided to have a chin augmentation and a nose job.

Lavey’s cosmetic surgery gave her renewed confidence. She told ABC, “It extends all the way from Skyping with people [to] having people tag me in a Facebook photo.” Adding, “If the camera comes out at a party … I am fine with it. I am excited to see them. Before, I used to want to hold my chin, but now I want to show my face.”

But for many a chin augmentation also requires other adjustments to the face on order to maintain balance. A nose augmentation or cheek implant is sometimes necessary to harmoniously balance the face after strengthening the chin with an implant.

Computer cameras can also over emphasize any asymmetry in facial features. Maybe one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, your cheeks are imbalanced or whatever feature of the face is out of symmetry, a skilled plastic surgeon can correct it with a facelift, eyebrow lift or cheek implants.

If you are plagued with the sagging skin under the chin or have a double chin, these problems can be easily corrected with a chin lift. This procedure can remove the excess shin and fat in order to eliminate the doubling effect.

It’s likely that using the internet to talk with others face to face is trend that will only grow. In Katy, Dr. John Freeman can skillfully make the cosmetic enhancements you need to feel more confident in our increasingly technological world.

Plastic Surgery in Dallas Instead of Overseas

Dallas, TX- Looks are important and when men and women look into the mirror and don’t like what they see, they weigh their options. A person can just learn to live with their imperfections or the signs of aging or they can have plastic surgery. And more often people are choosing plastic surgery, but once that decision has been made they then have decide to if they will have a procedure locally or go overseas. Our recommendation is to go local, stay in the states because you never know what problems may arise.

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Doing an internet search for facial plastic surgery will yield tons of results. Ads luring people to travel overseas for a face-list or nose job for half the price abound on the internet. Travel agencies and tour groups offer packages that combine plastic surgery with a glamorous vacation to an exotic locale in South America or Europe. The temptation is great since it appeals to the individual’s sense of adventure, and their frugal nature, it’s like getting two things for the price of one.

Nose jobs, eye lifts, chin implants, and face lifts are all surgical procedures; they require anesthesia, incisions and time to recover.  Although these plastic surgery vacation packages offer you posh accommodations, sightseeing itineraries and pampering at lush spas. It’s all very tempting but what you save by combining you vacation with surgery may end up costing more in the long run.

Plastic surgery is not a decision that should be taken lightly and the single most important thing a person can do is check the credentials of the surgeon you chose.  Just picking a surgeon at random from a vacation package can have disastrous results.

Take for instance the story of a woman featured in U.S. New Health, Felicia Pappas. She went to Bolivia to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast augmentation without thoroughly vetting the surgeon and things went wrong, terribly, terribly wrong. Pappas ended up with an infection which killed nipple tissue and she required a blood transfusion. When she returned to the states she also found it difficult to find a U.S. doctor that would perform corrective surgery because of malpractice laws.

Every person heals at a different rate and it could be weeks before full recovery. During this time you need to make periodic visits to your doctor to track your progress and make certain you are healing properly. Most people don’t have the luxury of spending the next two months at their vacation destination and as U.S. News points out many vacation activities such as sun bathing and swimming should be done while you are recovering.

If you really want to combine a vacation with a facial cosmetic procedure do it in the states. Dallas, Texas is a great place to visit and home of Dr. John Freeman who has many years of experience specializing in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Freeman and his wife have a beautiful, luxurious facility and will give you the pampering you need.

Kate Middleton’s Nose Tops Plastic Surgeon Requests

Dallas, TX- Celebrities have a huge impact on our culture, they influence fashion and many people covet their good looks, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that people planning to have plastic surgery ask their doctors to give the features of their favorite celebrity.

dr feeeman duchess-kate-middleton-ping-pong-27

Topping the list of most requested celebrity features is Kate Middleton’s nose. Plastic surgeons in the UK say that rhinoplasty patients requesting the delicate nose of the “Duchess of Cambridge” have tripled in recent years, according to the Daily Mail.

In the states, women want the nose of Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman, which isn’t unexpected since nose reshaping has consistently been the second most popular cosmetic procedure for the past three years.

Rhinoplasty, which is most commonly known as a nose job, allows a person to reshape an unflattering bridge, contour the nostrils and nasal tip in a way that compliments other facial features.

But the celebrity request don’t stop with Kate, Scarlett or Natalie, some women want  the smoldering eyes of model Rosie Huntington-Whitley and the dimpled cheeks of UK pop singer Cheryl Cole.

Singer Myleene Klass has the most desirable jawline for those looking for cosmetic enhancement.

Since plastic surgery has become highly accepted my men, surgeons are also noticing a surge in request for male celebrity features.

When men think of jawlines they think of “Twilight” star Robert Pattison, who was also voted the sexiest man alive by Glamour and People readers. Actor Zac Effron has the most requested eyes. As for the nose most men want theirs to look like Jude Law. And finally men ask for the sculpted cheek bones of Ashton Kutcher.

It’s fine to ask your plastic surgeon for celebrity features, because cosmetic surgeons are capable of working magic and refining the fallacies of nature. Alterations to all of the major features are possible. But an experienced doctor will be frank and tell you whether modifying your face in this manner is actually appropriate. They want you to look your very best, and sometimes that means what works on another person’s face may not look right on yours.

You want to choose a surgeon who carefully evaluate your features and recommend the facial alterations that will suit your bone structure and works in harmony with all of your features.

If you don’t want the features of celebrity and simply want to defy the signs of aging, your cosmetic doctor will evaluate your appearance and suggest the procedure or procedures that will shave years off your face.

Some facial procedures require small incisions, which result in minimal scaring, and when performed by a skilled doctor have short recovery times. More invasive procedures like a face lift or a chin lift make take more recovery time, but once you see the results it will be worth it.

Dr. John Freeman, your Dallas face doctor, prides himself of providing superior results so you feel more confident and turn heads with your new look.  Contact Dr. Freeman to set up a consultation today.



Chin Implants Popular Among Men and Women

Houston, TX- Looks are important and people place a great deal of value on having an attractive face and body. Since the face is the one of the first things people notice about each other, facial plastic surgeries repeatedly rank within the top ten most popular plastic surgeries. It’s no secret that Botox, nose jobs and eyelifts are among the most common cosmetic procedures, but you may be surprised to know that chin implants are the fastest growing surgeries among men and women.

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Facial beauty and attractiveness are achieved when the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and chin are in proportion to each other. Lacking a strong jawline or having a disproportionately large chin can lessen the attractiveness and harmonious balance of a person’s face. Not only can a jawline affect a person’s profile, but it is also one of the facial areas that can show the signs of aging along with a double-chin. This is why so many people in the past couple of years have increasingly sought out a chin implant of lift.

According to an April study by the ASPS, chin implants among men skyrocketed 76 percent and rose overall by 71 percent in 2011. The 55 and above demographic was the biggest driver in the popularity of the chin implant with 8,459 of 20,000 chin procedures performed on this age group.

ASPS’ president Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth explained, “The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show the signs of aging. People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or eyelid surgery.”

If you have a weak jawline, a cosmetic surgeon will make a pocket in the chin area under the muscles, leaving room to place an implant make of silicone or other material in that space. The procedure takes between two to three hours to preform and once the patient has healed the results can be dramatic.

While some people have almost no chin, others have the reverse problem; they can have a chin that protrudes from the face. This can be caused by a prominent jaw bone or too much soft tissue, and can be determined by a simple dental x-ray, and easily corrected by doctor through a chin reduction surgery.

Facial plastic surgery has a twofold benefit, the patient after a short period of recovery will see a marked improvement in their appearance, but the biggest benefit may be apparent in their self-confidence. When we feel better about how we look we can experience a significant boost in our self-esteem which is apparent in our personal and professional lives.

Once you’ve decided that facial plastic surgery is the right thing for you, the first step is finding the right plastic surgeon. If you live in the Houston-area, Dr. John P. Freeman is the right doctor for you. He has devoted his practice to enhancing and beautifying the human face.

Face Lift Patients Retain Youthful Appearance

Dallas, TX- Our face is the first thing others notice about us, it can give away our ages and if we have features that we are unhappy about it can cause deep-seated insecurities. Fortunately we don’t have to just live with these flaws and the low self-esteem; instead we can choose between a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures to correct nature’s mistakes. When a person decides they want to have plastic surgery, they want assurance that the results will not only make them more attractive but the results will be long lasting.

dr freeman face lift

A recently published study appearing in the December issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, showed that people who have undergone a face lift retain their youthful appearance at least 5 ½ years after having the procedure.

Researchers from the study evaluated photographs of 50 patients who had a face lift. Using a strict set of criteria to evaluate the patient’s appearance five years post-surgery, the researchers found remarkable improvement in the patient’s appearance.

Signs of facial aging, lines that run from the nose to the mouth, and the mouth to the jaw, showed the most significant improvement and proved to be long-lasting.

One of the biggest challenges a plastic surgeon faces is meeting the expectations of their patients. For patients considering a face-lift, the most frequently asked question is “How long will the results last?” And this study was conducted to answer that question.

“Scoring suggested that 76 percent of patients will still look younger 5 ½ year after a facelift than they did prior to facelift,” the researchers said.  That is an excellent rate of success and should give patients the assurances they need if they are in doubt about the procedure.

Facial cosmetic procedures which include facelifts, eye lid surgeries and nose reshaping all ranked within the top five procedures in 2011. Rhinoplasty or a “nose job” was the number two most popular plastic surgery overall, with eyelid surgery at number four and the facelift in the number five position.

While some cosmetic procedures experienced a decline, facelifts were on the rise. In the U.S. surgeons preformed 119,000 facelifts, a 5 percent increase over 2010. Now that your Dallas cosmetic surgeon can assure you that facelifts can make you look younger for years afterward the popularity of facelifts are likely to increase.

Though women made up the majority of preformed facelifts, men are becoming more accepting of plastic surgery. Three percent more men had a facelift last year than in previous years as they face an increasingly competitive and younger workforce.

Regaining a youthful appearance with a facelift is possible, and now that researchers have shown the results are long-lasting there is no reason to delay.

If you are in the Dallas area and are considering plastic surgery, contact Dr. John P. Freeman to set up a consultation.

How a Chemical Peel Helps to Rid Surface Scars

Chemical peels are great for removing and reducing surface scars on the face. No one wants to be humiliated by the scarring that may occur on their face from either acne or other reasons that caused there to be scars on their face. A Katy, Texas plastic surgeon often suggests chemical peels to their patients for surface scarring.

Chemical peels are a method of scar rejuvenation that just happens to be great for smaller surface scars. They peel can typically be performed with different chemical potencies. Your surgeon will more than likely use a higher level chemical peel if you suffer from scarring. They will then apply the chemical to the face and then wipe it clean. This will help remove the dead skin cells, allowing for new skin to appear.

This method of scar removal doesn’t take long and can be done every few months or so. It is noninvasive and painless. So, are you still wondering how a chemical peel by a Katy, Texas plastic surgeon can help get rid of your surface scars? Call and set up a consultation.