3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

By yourfacedoc20
Published on January 14, 2014

Who doesnt want to start their new year looking great? Take a look at your New Years resolutions, and count how many have something to do with your appearance. Now, ask yourself, How many of those resolutions were on last years list? This year, why not choose a different approach?

Resolving to get that facial cosmetic treatment that youve been dreaming of is a sure way to look better than last year. If you live in the Houston area, then Dr. John P. Freeman can help.

Dr. Freeman is a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon who has earned an excellent reputation in Houston for providing tasteful and natural-looking results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

1. Facelift

A rhytidectomy (facelift) is one of the most transformative procedures that you can undergo. It simultaneously addresses multiple areas of the face, including the eyes, chin, cheeks and forehead, by tightening both the skin and muscles in certain areas of your face.

A common worry is that a facelift will leave you looking like someone else or that people will not be able to recognize you. This is a myth. The goal of a facelift is to achieve a youthful, refreshed look. After your procedure, you will see a more alert, younger version of yourself in the mirror.

You might consider a facelift if you have noticed the skin around your face loosening, making you appear tired or unhealthy.

2. Cheek Implant

Oftentimes, people go to their cosmetic surgeon complaining that they appear older than they feel but cant identify exactly what could be changed. Many times, their cheeks are to blame for their aging appearance.

Thin cheeks are one of the first signs of aging, and they can dramatically affect your appearance. Cheek implants can give you back your youthful, fuller cheeks that leave you looking healthy and happy. The Independent points out that the procedure is also used to balance the face after a nose job.

3. Eyelid Surgery

If you subscribe to the old adage that the eyes are the window to the soul, then you may find yourself wishing that you could draw the curtains back from that window a little more. As we grow older, the skin and muscles around our eyes start to sag. Eventually, you may be left with low-hanging brows that obscure your vision and cause headaches.

These issues are easily fixed with blepharoplasty, which removes excess fat and skin from both the lower and upper eyelids to reverse the uncomfortable effects that aging has on your eyes.

No matter which facial cosmetic surgery you are considering, Dr. Freeman can help. He can also assist you in determining if multiple procedures should be used to reach your aesthetic goals. To set up an appointment with Dr. Freeman, please Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

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