5 Facts about Jaw Implants from Your Katy, Texas

By yourfacedoc20
Published on November 14, 2012

Are you wondering how jaw implants might help your overall facial structure? Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon performs facial implant surgeries quite often and is aware of the astonishing results that they can provide. This is especially true with jaw implant surgeries. Below are 5 facts about jawline implants for you to be aware of.

  1. Jaw implant surgery consists of having implants placed along the jawline. This will give you a more structured look.
  2. The implants used are made of silicone and are shaped and cut into the perfect size for your jawline.
  3. The implants will provide your jawline with more depth. If you have a weak jawline that makes your overall appearance less distinguished then you would like, jaw implants can correct this problem.
  4. Small incisions will be made in which the implants will be placed through. The incisions will be made inconspicuously and dissolvable sutures will be used to close them. This will help reduce scarring.
  5. Jaw implants are a more permanent solution to your problem.

Would you still like to know more about jaw implants in Katy, Texas? Call your local plastic surgeon for a consultation. They can provide you with details after your examination.

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