Addressing 4 Common Facelift Myths

By yourfacedoc20
Published on January 21, 2014

Most cosmetic surgeries are charged with controversy that is fueled by popular misconceptions, perhaps none more than the facelift. This may be because facelifts offer some of the most visible cosmetic results. While body procedures can be hidden in most day-to-day situations, facial treatments are almost always noticeable.

If you are considering a facelift in Houston but are concerned by the negative comments that youve read in the media or heard from you friends, continue reading. Youll find four common myths and the truths that debunk them.

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Myth 1. Facelifts Will Make Your Face Age Faster

Medicine Net claims that a facelift is a completely superficial procedure that redistributes facial fat and repositions skin to improve the contours of the face and eliminate the appearance of loose and creasing skin. Although it addresses the effects of the aging process, it has no effect on that process itself.

Its best to imagine that your facelift is resetting the appearance of your face to a younger age. Your skin and facial muscles will continue to age at the same rate as they would without the procedure.

Myth 2. After Having A Facelift, Your Face Will Look Unnatural

One of the most persistent myths surrounding facelifts is that you will walk away looking like a different person. This myth owes its existence to various photos floating around that depict the unfortunate results produced by untrained and inexperienced surgeons.

If you select a surgeon who has good credentials, you have nothing to worry about. Visit our gallery of previous procedures to check out the great results that we can produce.

Myth 3. After Your Facelift, You Will Live With Visible Scars That Indicate Youve Had Surgery

As with any surgery, you will have some scarring, but one of the goals of a good cosmetic surgeon is to conceal these scars in places where they will not be visible. As such, scars can be hidden in the hairline or in the natural creases surrounding the face.

Myth 4. It Is Rude To Ask A Cosmetic Surgeon Too Many Questions

A good cosmetic surgeon will never pressure you to have a procedure until you are comfortable. You should have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision. In fact, you should ask as many questions as you can, and always confirm your surgeons credentials to make sure they are qualified to perform the procedure.

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