Anterior Custom Abutments-What are they?

By yourfacedoc20
Published on January 24, 2015

When patient’s loose a front tooth, they often look into the option of a dental implant.  There is often times a significant discussion about the final crown and the surgical placement of the dental implant.  But many times the abutment is not mentioned until it is time to pay for it.

An abutment is a connection from the dental implant to the crown.  Without it the crown connect attach to the dental implant.  The majority of crowns today are cemented to the abutment.  If cement gets trapped below the gingiva (“gum tissue”), it can cause inflammation and loss of the dental implant.  Custom abutments allow for the crown margins to be place exactly into a position that minimizes the risk of the cement being trapped.  Custom abutments allow for maximum retention so that the crown is less likely to come off.  Abutments can also be fabricated out of metal or zirconia (tooth colored material).  This allows the dentist to choose a material that will transmit light similar to the adjacent teeth, giving the most natural appearance as possible.  Custom abutments do cost more than a stock abutment as one may expect.  With all the advantages, it may be worth it!  If you have questions about dental implants, contact the office of Dr. John Freeman.  He has been serving the West Houston and Katy area for over 14 years.

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