Are Smartphones Aging Faces Faster?

By yourfacedoc20
Published on June 6, 2013

June, 5,2013, Dallas, TX- At first there was the cell phone and people all over the world flocked to them and it was too long before almost everyone had one, making pay phones obsolete. Then those clever tech geniuses created the smartphone and now several years later a large majority of Americans, especially younger ones, would never dream of leaving the house without it.

While these handy devices have mostly pros, unless you are using them behind the wheel, or when trying to cross a busy intersection on foot, there is at least one con; they may be aging your face faster, causing wrinkles and a saggy neck, at least thats what some cosmetic surgeons say, according to story by Forbes.

Smartphone users spend countless hours each day looking down at their devices and furrowing their brows to look at their screens. The constant downward gazing with your face bent forward could be shortening the muscles in the neck causing the neckline to sag.

Though how your face ages depends on largely on a persons genetics along with long-term exposure to the sun, other factors such as smoking and looking down at a computer or smartphone can play a role in the premature aging of the face and neck.

There hasnt yet been a study to determine the effects of smartphones or handheld devices on skin elasticity, there is a correlation between the increased of cell phone use and the increasing popularity of skin tightening and facial cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that face lifts increased by six percent last year.

Then theres the social media affect, many people are unhappy with they look online. Frequent users of the various social media outlets like Facebook and Skype often complain about how their jawlines look through the lens of their web-cams. A double chin is much more noticeable when youre looking down.

So what can a person do? Well, there is the option of ditching your smartphone, but in all reality nobody wants to do that. The next option would be tackle the problem with one of the many anti-aging procedures available at cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Freemans office in Dallas.

Among the procedures available to help you combat smartphone face are the face lift, neck lift, and brow lift. Fillers such as Botox can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and if youre worried about having a week jawline through the web-cam.

A brow lift is a great procedure for people who have fine or deep lines along their forehead and between their eyebrows. With this procedure those furrows and frown lines are by remove excess skin and muscle that has begun to sag.

Facelifts are a fantastic way to defy gravity since it reduces the appearance of those deep lines that form around our noses and mouths. With strategically placed incisions loose skin is pulled taught, making the face look revitalized and rejuvenated.

Regardless of why your face is aging, you dont have to it gracefully if you dont want to. Dr. John Freeman, your face doc in Dallas has the solution for you. He prides himself on listening to his patients and working closely with them to choose the right procedure for their desires.

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