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By yourfacedoc20
Published on July 10, 2013

July 6, 2013, Dallas, TX- The plastic surgery industry has expanded a great deal over the past two decades. New procedures are being developed and refined and there are now more cosmetic surgeons for a patient to choose from. No matter what cosmetic surgeries you want or plan to have the most assured way to get the best results is to hire the very best cosmetic surgeon, and here are some tips to help you determine which cosmetic surgeon is right for you.

The first thing you should do is to check the plastic surgeons credentials; are they board-certified in the surgery you are considering? This is especially important because any doctor can legally perform a nose job, which means even a podiatrist could perform a nose job, but board-certified plastic surgeon has two to five years general surgical experience in addition to one or more years of cosmetic surgical experience.

If you are having a nose job, a chin implant, face lift or other procedure that permanently alters your face you need to make certain the person you are choosing has the necessary education and skills to give you the best results.

In addition to being a fellow at Vanderbilt University and the recipient of numerous awards, Dallas cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Freeman is board certified in maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Freeman has focused his professional career on correcting facial flaws, minor imperfections and disfigurements by improving the natural contours of his patients faces.

After checking into a plastic surgeons credentials, a prospective patient should set up a consultation where they can discuss the surgeries they are considering what end results they hope to achieve. The consultation allows the patient and surgeon to establish trust, which is crucial to any successful cosmetic surgery. Having trust in a cosmetic surgeon can help alleviate any anxiety a patient may have prior to and after their surgery.

Dr. John Freeman considers the consultation to be an important step in establishing a strong patient/doctor relationship. During this crucial meeting, he will diligently listen to your wishes, expectations, and address any concerns his patients may have.

Dr. Freeman will thoroughly explain a procedure so his patients have a clear understanding of what the surgery itself and the recovery process will entail.

The consultation is the time to discuss which procedure or procedures the patient wishes to have and gives the surgeon the chance to make their recommendations on whether additional procedures are necessary to achieve the patients goals. Sometimes a nose job patient can also benefit from a chin augmentation to assure their faces retain a harmonious balance.

A consultation will also give a patient the opportunity to see photos of a surgeons previous clients. Any successful and practiced cosmetic surgeon will gladly share before and after photos of previous patients. Dr. Freeman proudly displays photos of some of his patients on his website.

Any person considering plastic surgery should do some research, both about their procedure and the doctor that will be performing their procedure. If you are in the Dallas-area, set up a consultation with Dr. John Freeman to discuss how he can help you put your best face forward.

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