Facelift Surgery by a Plastic Surgeon in Texas

By yourfacedoc20
Published on July 3, 2012

A facelift is a great way to enhance your facial appearance, especially when age has begun to take its toll. A facelift can make you appear years younger. A plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas has performed many facelifts and most of the time a facelift will follow the same basic procedural steps.

The first thing a plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas will do is examine your facial structure during your consultation. This will help them to get an idea of how intense your facelift surgery will be.

Before the surgeon begins the surgery, you will need to be put under anesthetic. After you fall asleep, your surgeon will begin making tiny incisions in specific places. The plastic surgeon from Katy, Texas will then work with the incisions using certain surgical tools to help tighten and cut the skin. They will then lift the face by pulling the skin tight and closing it with sutures.

It will be necessary to schedule in some recovery time. Your face will need to remain bandaged for at least a few days as to not disturb the incisions. Your plastic surgeon in Katy, Texas will make sure that you are aware of any necessary aftercare.

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