Facial Procedures Boost Mens Careers

By yourfacedoc20
Published on January 30, 2013

Katy, TX- The professional world is getting more and more competitive. Good career-oriented jobs are hard to come by and with a whole new generation of young people entering the competition professional men need a way to get a leg up on their younger competitors. Sometimes experience alone in not enough, their appearance must reflect vitality and vigor.

Recent studies have shown that beautiful and attractive people make more money and advance further in their careers. The face can tell a lot about a person and sometimes make a person look older than they actually feel. Image and self-confidence is everything in the professional world. Corporate employers look for vivacity and energy in their high ranking staff and realize that employees are more responsive to attractive managers and supervisors. They need the assurance that whoever the hire will get the job got done.

Over time men can develop lines around their mouth, eyes and furrows on their brows. These lines can make a person look tired or worn out even though their minds are sharp and ready to take on any task. As the job market gets more competitive, especially are more twenty and thirty somethings enter the professional world.

Leading a healthy lifestyle which includes physical activity and a balanced diet can help men defy the signs of aging, but many find this is not enough to help look and feel younger. Cosmetic enhancements such as eye lifts, brow lifts or a facelift are an investment in the future and will erase the telltale signs of aging.

Eye lifts are among the most sought after facial cosmetic surgeries for career-minded men, according to US News. This procedure corrects the most common complaint of men and women in their forties and fifties have is folds that begin to appear in the creases of the upper eyelid and add years to a persons appearance. Droopy eyelids make a person look sleepy and worn-out, not exactly what an employer is looking for in a professional.

Adding to a persons age is a sagging brown line along deep vertical lines on the forehead and horizontal lines between the eyes. A brow lift removes excess skin, pulls up a low brow line, and eliminates deep lines. It will make a man or woman look more alert and years younger.

Face lifts are more invasive, but the results can be dramatic and one of the most effective ways to eliminate wrinkle and creases around the mouth and nose. A face lift, like a brow lift, removes excess skin and can be used transform the entire face.

But facial plastic surgery as a career boost isnt just popular among older professionals; younger men also find that a cosmetic procedure can be good for their self-esteem. Though they arent worried about about looking older they too are aware that more attractive facial features can help them get ahead in their careers. Younger professional men make seek to strengthen their jaw line though a chin lift or implant or more dramatic cheek bones with a cheek implant.

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