FAQs About Rhinoplasties

By yourfacedoc20
Published on January 27, 2014

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), rhinoplasties are currently the most sought-after facial cosmetic surgery in the country. You may be wondering, why are so many people rushing out to have a nose job?

Your noses size and shape affects the appearance of your smile, eyes, forehead and chin because it is in the center of your face. Very small changes in your noses size and shape can make a large difference for your overall attractiveness, so people often choose to undergo rhinoplasties before signing up for any other procedures.

If you are currently considering a facial cosmetic surgery in Houston, we urge you to contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. John P. Freeman. He is a fully board-certified surgeon and regularly consults with prospective patients to help them determine which procedure will best suit their goals. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

1. What Can I Do To Prepare For My Procedure?

There are two steps that you can take to ensure your procedure is successful. First, you should stop taking medications that cause blood-thinning. These include aspirin and ibuprofen. If this presents a problem, you should discuss suitable alternatives with your doctor.

Second, you should quit smoking. To optimize your chances of a successful rhinoplasty, you should not smoke for at least one month prior to your surgery date. Likewise, you shouldnt smoke for at least a month after the procedure. Although you may have been told that you should quit by every doctor youve ever seen, this is one warning you should take seriously because smoking can severely increase the length of your recovery period.

2. If I Want A Smaller Nose, Will You Need To Remove Skin?

Patients having cartilage removed or receiving a nasal bridge need not worry about droopy skin. The skin that covers the nose has a high elasticity, meaning that it will quickly adhere to any changes in your noses shape.

3. What Kind Of Recovery Is Associated With Rhinoplasties?

According to Medline Plus, you will wear a nasal splint for about a week. Although you will experience some swelling and bruising, your nose should appear more aesthetically pleasing by the time the splint comes off.

If you have any other questions about the procedure, or about how Dr. Freeman performs it specifically, we would be more than happy to schedule a consultation for you. His goal with any rhinoplasty is to create a natural-looking nose that appears balanced when compared with the rest of the face. To discuss your goals and questions, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

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