Here Are 5 Facts about Facial Implants

By yourfacedoc20
Published on November 14, 2012

Facial implants are an effective way to enhance various facial features with permanent results. Your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon specializes in facial implant surgeries and can give you a detailed description of how the surgery is performed during your consultation. However, here are 5 facts about facial implants to make you a bit more knowledgeable:

  1. The facial implants used by your plastic surgeon will be made out of silicone. They will be cut and shaped to fit perfectly in whatever area you would like them in.
  2. You can get facial implants to enhance the cheeks, jawline or chin.
  3. Facial implants give more permanent results compared to other surgical and nonsurgical procedures.
  4. Dissolving sutures are used on the incisions to help ensure proper healing and minimal scarring.
  5. The results of your implant surgery should be evident almost immediately. However, after the swelling subsides, you will really be able to see the subtle, yet amazing difference in your appearance.

Would you still like to learn more about facial implants? Contact your Katy, Texas plastic surgeon for a consultation. They can break down the procedure to you and even show you before and after pictures of past patients.

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