Kate Middletons Nose Tops Plastic Surgeon Requests

By yourfacedoc20
Published on December 28, 2012

Dallas, TX- Celebrities have a huge impact on our culture, they influence fashion and many people covet their good looks, so it shouldnt be a surprise that people planning to have plastic surgery ask their doctors to give the features of their favorite celebrity.

Topping the list of most requested celebrity features is Kate Middletons nose. Plastic surgeons in the UK say that rhinoplasty patients requesting the delicate nose of the Duchess of Cambridge have tripled in recent years, according to the Daily Mail.

In the states, women want the nose of Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman, which isnt unexpected since nose reshaping has consistently been the second most popular cosmetic procedure for the past three years.

Rhinoplasty, which is most commonly known as a nose job, allows a person to reshape an unflattering bridge, contour the nostrils and nasal tip in a way that compliments other facial features.

But the celebrity request dont stop with Kate, Scarlett or Natalie, some women want the smoldering eyes of model Rosie Huntington-Whitley and the dimpled cheeks of UK pop singer Cheryl Cole.

Singer Myleene Klass has the most desirable jawline for those looking for cosmetic enhancement.

Since plastic surgery has become highly accepted my men, surgeons are also noticing a surge in request for male celebrity features.

When men think of jawlines they think of Twilight star Robert Pattison, who was also voted the sexiest man alive by Glamour and People readers. Actor Zac Effron has the most requested eyes. As for the nose most men want theirs to look like Jude Law. And finally men ask for the sculpted cheek bones of Ashton Kutcher.

Its fine to ask your plastic surgeon for celebrity features, because cosmetic surgeons are capable of working magic and refining the fallacies of nature. Alterations to all of the major features are possible. But an experienced doctor will be frank and tell you whether modifying your face in this manner is actually appropriate. They want you to look your very best, and sometimes that means what works on another persons face may not look right on yours.

You want to choose a surgeon who carefully evaluate your features and recommend the facial alterations that will suit your bone structure and works in harmony with all of your features.

If you dont want the features of celebrity and simply want to defy the signs of aging, your cosmetic doctor will evaluate your appearance and suggest the procedure or procedures that will shave years off your face.

Some facial procedures require small incisions, which result in minimal scaring, and when performed by a skilled doctor have short recovery times. More invasive procedures like a face lift or a chin lift make take more recovery time, but once you see the results it will be worth it.

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