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By yourfacedoc20
Published on April 17, 2013

April, 15, 2013, Katy, TX- A large majority of facial cosmetic surgery patients are trying to turn back the hands of time. Time and gravity takes its toll on the face, so before undergoing such a major transformation, plastic surgery patients want to know exactly how many years their procedure or procedures will take off their face. A study published in the Archives of Plastic Surgery conducted last year aimed to do just that and found the magic number is seven.

The researchers involved in the study randomly chose pre- and post-operative photos of sixty women between the ages of 45 and 72 to show to first-year medical students. The photos were divided into categories according to the type of procedures they underwent; there were 22 face- and neck lift patients in group one, 17 patients had face- or neck-lifts combined with blephoraplasty (eye-lift) in group two, and the final group, 21 patients in total, had a facelift, neck lift, upper and lower blephoraplasty and a forehead lift, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The raters were asked to what they perceived to be the age difference between the pre- and postoperative ages of the patient. The goal of the researchers was to figure out the perceived change in the age women pictured.

The results showed that respondents estimated that the women in the photos were 1.7 years younger than their actual ages before cosmetic surgery. But after their surgeries the patients ages were perceived to be 8.9 years younger, making the cosmetic surgery patients look an average of 7 years younger.

Group one patients showed the least dramatic differences in their age, while the patients from group three had looked significantly younger. It appears that the best results were achieved when patients combined more facial procedures.

Our studydemonstrates a significant and consistent reduction in perceived age after aesthetic facial surgery. This effect is more substantial when the number of surgical procedures is increased, an effect unrelated to the preoperative age of a patient and unaffected by other variables that we investigated, researchers said.

Looking younger is very important both to men and women; they want their appearance to reflect how they feel on the inside. Age can make a person appear to be worn out, lacking vital energy, even though that isnt a true reflection of their actual energy level. In the increasingly competitive working world, a youthful appearance can mean the difference between a promotion and retirement.

Since every persons face ages differently, they should consult with a doctor who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery to determine which facial enhancements will allow them to defy the signs of aging, whether it is a combination of surgeries or a single procedure.

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