Middle-Class Women Primary Cosmetic Patients

By yourfacedoc20
Published on February 27, 2013

Feb. 27, 2013, Dallas, TX- The Academy Awards is this the biggest night in Hollywood, and there is no doubt that many the Hollywood elite walking the red carpet have had their share of plastic surgery. A facelift here, some Botox there, liposuction and breast augmentations abound in Hollywood, but surprisingly enough the celebrity elite isnt the driving the cosmetic surgery industry, its middle class women who help keep plastic surgeons in business.

Although men are a growing demographic for plastic surgeons, women still make up the largest group of patients for plastic surgeons, especially those over forty or who are moms. One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures is the mommy makeover which actually a combination of breast augmentations, tummy tucks and liposuction.

Moms may be driving the body contouring industry, but women over forty are keeping facial plastic surgeons in Dallas and the rest of the country busy. Defying the signs of age is very important to both men and women. Three out of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in 2012 were facial procedures; they included nose reshaping, facelift and eyelid surgery, according to the ASPS.

Once a woman turns forty a number of signs of age begin to appear. The area under the chin begins to sag. Lines begin to appear around the eyes, and mouth. Deeper lines may begin to set in on the forehead, around the lips and nose

Facial fillers such as Botox may help minimize some of these lines, but they cannot completely eliminate them. Deeper lines and folds on the eyelids, around the nose and on the forehead cannot be corrected with fillers alone; it often takes more comprehensive procedures like a facelift or eyelift to erase wrinkles.

Another aspect of a youthful face we often lose as we age is fuller or plump cheeks. The older a person gets the more fat they lose on the face. Many women over 40 find that a cheek augmentation can add fullness.

The neck and jaw line are also two areas that can quickly give away a persons age. Excess fat along the jawline and sagging skin on the neck can make an older woman very insecure about her appearance, but a chin lift can refine the jawline and get rid of an unsightly double chin.

Appearance is everything to many women, especially in Texas. Last summer, Mens Health magazine figured out which cities were the vainest by analyzing check-ins at salons and spas, along with data from cosmetic surgeons and dentists. Three cities in Texas, which included Dallas, Houston and Plano, landed in the top ten vainest cities. Surprisingly, Los Angeles home to the Hollywood elite didnt even make the top ten.

Celebrities have helped lift the societal taboos associated with defying the signs age through cosmetic enhancements, but they arent driving the industry. Middle class women are actually keeping the cosmetic surgery industry busy and allowing it to grow year after year.

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