While the cartilage-rich upper portion of the ear remains largely unchanged as time goes by, the same cannot be said for the delicate lobes. The lobes gradually flatten and sag with age, and in the absence of sturdy bone or cartilage for structural support, they are particularly vulnerable to injury. Earlobes can be elongated by heavy earrings that pull downward or intentionally stretched with large gauges. Tears can occur if earrings are yanked by young children or snag on a piece of clothing. Such tears may enlarge the original piercing site or, in some cases, continue all the way through the bottom of the earlobe.

With earlobe repair surgery, Dr. John P. Freeman of Katy, Texas, can restore your earlobes to a natural, healthy appearance. If you’re interested in learning more about earlobe repair surgery and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, please contact us at 281-599-9445 or visit our contact page.

What Is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery is a procedure that tightens and repairs lobes that have been damaged. It is not to be confused with otoplasty, which is a type of surgery used to correct large, protruding or misshapen ears. The most common cause of earlobe damage is the long-term wearing of heavy earrings that gradually lengthen the piercing hole and may eventually split the lobe in half. Earlobe tears may also occur when the piercing site was placed too low to begin with.

Many people stretch their earlobes intentionally through the use of progressively larger piercings, a form of body modification known as “gauging.” Whether the concern is deliberate stretching or accidental damage, earlobe surgery is a quick procedure that can repair the lobe and make it possible to wear earrings again.

Will a Split Earlobe Repair Itself?

The earlobes are more prone to injury than other parts of the ear because they only consist of skin and fat. Although some earlobe tears heal on their own over time, the result is often unsatisfactory. Allowing a damaged earlobe to heal without medical intervention can result in unsightly scars that make it difficult to re-pierce the ear. Home remedies for torn earlobes cannot compare to the safe, skillful and aesthetically appealing outcomes of earlobe repair surgery.

Is Earlobe Repair Surgery Right for You?

Earlobe repair surgery is suitable for men and women of any age. Almost anyone with a stretched or torn earlobe can benefit from surgical reconstruction of the lobe. The most common reasons to consider earlobe repair with Dr. Freeman include:

– The repetitive wearing of heavy earrings has caused the lobe to stretch or tear
– An earring was partially or completely ripped through the lobe
– The desire to return to a natural look after gauging
– Closure of earlobe piercings

During an initial consultation, Dr. Freeman will discuss your concerns about your earlobes and determine if surgery is an appropriate option. Dr. Freeman is a highly regarded facial plastic surgeon in the Katy area, and whether you require earlobe repair or a more complex procedure, you can be confident in his abundant precision and care when performing surgery.

What to Expect

What to Expect: Your Earlobe Repair Surgery Consultation

If you’re considering earlobe repair surgery, it’s essential to meet with an experienced surgeon to evaluate your goals and risk factors, and ultimately have a successful surgery. A skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Freeman has the advanced technique and aesthetic artistry that ensure your reconstructed lobe matches your facial features and appears as natural as possible. Dr. Freeman will speak with you about your hopes for earlobe repair and explain the details of the surgery during your initial consultation.

What to Expect: Your Earlobe Repair Surgery Procedure

Earlobe repair surgery is a minor procedure that is usually performed using a local anesthetic. After your ear is cleaned and sanitized, Dr. Freeman will make the appropriate incision type for your needs. In many cases, he will carefully remove skin from either side of the tear to create new, clean edges that can be sutured together. He will then stitch the sides of the earlobe together and bandage the area. In other cases, he may use a flap technique, in which one or more flaps of tissue from another area is used to rebuild the earlobe. Depending on the severity of the case, earlobe repair surgery usually takes around 15 minutes to one hour.

What to Expect: Your Earlobe Repair Surgery Recovery

Earlobe repair usually does not require time away from work and other normal activities. Dr. Freeman will provide you with detailed postoperative instructions to follow. He will explain how to clean and care for the incision site, and let you know whether you will need to have your stitches removed during a follow-up appointment. After surgery, your lobe may be red and tender, and may develop a temporary bumpiness. These effects should resolve on their own and can be managed with over-the-counter medications. Be careful not to disturb the earlobe with jewelry, hats, exercise or sports while it heals. Dr. Freeman may recommend wearing a headwrap to protect the incision while it is most vulnerable.

What to Expect: Your Earlobe Repair Surgery Results

After several weeks, the earlobe will be fully healed. Scarring is generally minimal. You may have your ears re-pierced if you desire, but you are advised to wait at least six weeks to ensure full healing has been achieved before piercing the lobe again. Consider wearing only lighter earrings to maintain the repair. Earlobe reconstruction does not prevent future damage — a new tear can occur if you continue to wear heavy jewelry or the lobe sustains an injury.

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The practice of ear piercing has been around for centuries and earrings are one of the most popular types of jewelry. If, despite taking precautions, you end up with a stretched or torn earlobe, or you decide you no longer want your piercing, your ear can be repaired with a minor surgical procedure. Earlobe reconstruction is a simple surgery that can correct a torn earlobe in a short amount of time and allow you to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry once again. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman to learn more about torn earlobe repair in Katy, Texas, by contacting 281-599-9445 or visiting our contact page.

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