Smiles Top Dating Preferences

By yourfacedoc20
Published on May 31, 2013

May, 29, 2013. Dallas, TX- Being a single person in the competitive dating world can be daunting. Appearance and chemistry are the keys to finding the right partner and almost everyone wants to find the right person to be with. Little can be done about chemistry, but your appearance is a different matter and according to a new study the mouth or more appropriately the smile is the key to having a successful dating life.

The survey conducted in Briton showed that when dating, both men and women placed a higher importance on a persons smile than they did on the how they look in a bathing suit. And not only is the smile important in our dating lives it is also important to our careers.

According the Female First, 75 percent of survey respondents agreed that a stellar smile was most important when choosing a love interest. For a quarter, crooked teeth were a turn-off and would stop them from a dating a person. Thats because to most people your smile, the appearance of your teeth are reflective of pride you take in your appearance, at least thats how 50 percent felt.

Not only did a fantastic smile help a person on the dating front, but it was also a boost to your career. Looks did mean everything to the respondents, with the majority saying that straight teeth were a sign of wealth and success, signaling that an individual has a good job.

Judi James, a behavioral psychologist explained why the smile is so important to Female First UK, The great thing about people having the confidence to smile is the natural impulse in the receiving person to return the smile. This instantaneous reaction often triggers a dramatic effect on our own mood, creating a sense of well-being.

James added, The outward performance of happiness and well-being produces a similar effect on our subconscious by echoing a smile, it can give us a boost in confidence and cheer us up.

The gist of the study is; if you want to have a successful love life and a fruitful career you need a nice smile and straight teeth. As with any part or portion of the human body, not all people are blessed to have perfectly straight teeth, sometimes because of a birth defect or injury. Many people have a cleft lip or palate or both. Others are have overbites or under bites that cannot easily corrected with braces.

Maxillofacial surgery was developed to help individuals struggle with the less than perfectly straight jaws and teeth, or other flaws that make ones smile unappealing. Patients in the Dallas area who needs someone to give them a beautiful smile can turn to Dr. John Freeman, who is a board certified maxillofacial surgeon.

Because he is also a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has an eye for aesthetic beauty and that combined with specialty in maxillofacial surgery makes him uniquely qualified to help his patients attain a radiant and beaming smile. Set up a consultation with Dr. Freeman today so he can put you on the path to more fabulous and beautiful smile.

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