Surgery Corrects Battered Womans Scars

By yourfacedoc20
Published on April 10, 2013

April, 9, 2013, Katy, TX- Through the charity and kindness of others a woman who suffered a horrific knife attack at the hands of a former boyfriend has a new lease on life after she had plastic surgery to correct scars on her neck and face she was left with.

When Ilianexy Morales was in her 20s she met an older man outside her New York apartment, soon after the two began dating and at first the relationship was perfect. Morales boyfriend was supportive and encouraged her to quit her job to take care of her disabled mother with the promise that he would support her, ABC News reported.

The relationship however began to unravel. After three years, Morales then found that her boyfriend was becoming possessive, and extremely jealous.

There was no violence, but other things, like control issues, jealousy like who I would talk to, she told

But in the midst of a breakup, Morales boyfriend one day managed to get into her apartment where he attacked her, leaving her with 100 knife wounds all over her body. He almost severed both her arms and nearly decapitated her, according to ABC news.

Morales spent one month in a coma, had several surgeries including one to reattach her arms. She survived the horrific attack, but she was left with extensive scars on her face and neck, a constant reminder of the brutal attack.

I didnt look like me, Morales, 30, told ABC. I would hide a lot. I felt really ashamed of myself even though it was not my fault.

Five years after her attack, Morales would be given a new lease on life. Through a charity called Face to Face, which is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, Morales underwent reconstructive plastic surgery to reduce the appearance of scars on her face and neck, dramatically improving how Morales looks and feels about herself.

The media obsession with celebrities and their surgical alterations could give people the impression that vanity is the only reason people seek out plastic surgeons. While there is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery to enhance a persons natural features, reconstructive surgery plays an important role in the industry.

Reconstructive plastic surgery makes up a large portion of cosmetic procedure performed on an annual basis. Laceration repair and scar revision are among the most frequently performed reconstructive procedures each year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Disfiguring or prominent scars can cause a person a great deal of insecurity, making them feel embarrassed about how they look, fearful that people will judge them. Low self-esteem impacts all areas of a persons life from their careers to their personal relationships.

Scar revision and maxillofacial surgery are among the corrective cosmetic procedures offered at Dr. John Freemans practice in Dallas. As an graduate of the esteemed Vanderbilt University, Dr. Freeman is qualified to offer his patients a range of cosmetic facial procedures from a face lift to scar revision, with superior results.

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