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By yourfacedoc20
Published on October 29, 2013

Many cosmetic procedures are now ingrained in popular culture, and its hard to find one that people dont have an opinion about. After the revelation that Marilyn Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery, public opinion has continued to soften toward the procedures, with opinions now tending toward allowing every person the freedom to alter and express themselves however they see fit.

As the topic is seen more and more often in the media, some people in the Asian-American community have expressed discomfort at the idea of Asians undergoing eyelid lifts. SF Gate reports that in the midst of the growing controversy, one woman has spoken out and says that she does not regret having the procedure. After Ly Duong had the operation, she posted her picture on Facebook and declared how happy she was with the results.

People All Over The World Are Taking Control Of Their Appearance With Cosmetic Surgery

The eyelid lift has long been a popular surgery in South Korea, where cosmetic procedures are advertised heavily in metropolitan centers such as Seoul. In fact, the nations predilection for the surgery has spread, and now, many people living in China travel to South Korea to have the procedure done.

When you have a mental image of yourself and it isnt reflected in the mirror, low self-esteem can settle in. People like Ly Duong prove that you have the power to change your appearance and to regain your confidence.

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Many People Who Have The Surgery Report That They Did The Surgery For Themselves

People who have spoken against the surgery often express that they are worried that the men and women who have it done feel pressured to do so by society. The women that were interviewed for the SF Gate article dismissed those fears and reported that they chose to have the surgery for personal reasons. Many said that it made putting on make up easier and that they couldnt be happier with the results.

All over the United States, people are undergoing this procedure to gain better vision, correct under-eye puffiness or just to feel better about their appearance. Whatever your reason for considering an eyelid lift, we hope that youll schedule a consultation with us to discuss the surgery in detail and to make an informed and personal decision. To learn more, Call Us At 281-599-9445 Today!

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