Youthful Face Trumps Body Contouring

By yourfacedoc20
Published on February 14, 2013

Katy, TX- People will take extraordinary steps to look good and retain their youthful looks. For many this entails having plastic surgery to contour their bodies or help them look younger. Trends in plastic surgery are always changing and recent data from the UK showed that more people are choosing to look younger than altering their bodies.

A study from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons showed that anti-aging procedures such as facelifts, eyebrow lifts and eyelifts were more popular in 2012 than body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks. Apparently more Britons are choosing to go to the gym and diet to get the shape they want, but realize that cant eliminate the signs of aging.

Researchers pointed out that while the number of plastic surgery procedures overall remained stable, there was a double-digit increase in anti-aging procedures. Overall cosmetic procedures rose by .2 percent, breast augmentations remained number one, but fat transfers trumped fat removal procedures which dropped by a least 12 percent.

Although body contouring was stable or decreased slightly, facial cosmetic surgeries, the most effective ways to combat the signs of aging experienced and uptick. Facelifts went up 14 percent; eyelifts increased 11 percent, and eye procedures including fat transfers increased by 13 percent.

Men too jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon. Male eyelifts went up a surprising 19 percent with eye procedures and facelifts increased by 11 percent.

Even with the increases, the number of plastic surgery procedures in the UK, cant compare to the US which still takes the crown for the most plastic surgery procedures performed. Plastic surgeons in the UK performed approximately 43, 172. In contrast, an average of over 1.9 million procedures was performed in the US in 2011, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Breast augmentations and liposuction were the two most common cosmetic procedures for US, but facial procedures such as eyelifts and nose jobs ranked in the top five.

Anti-aging procedures are so popular because patients who decide to have face, chin, or eye lifts can help a person look 7 to 10 years younger. And they retain that youthful look for several years after undergoing the procedure. The results are long-lasting and most patients say they would have their facial surgery again.

Facial procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of a persons face and in the Dallas area looking good is important. Face, chin and eyebrow lifts can reduce the appearance of wrinkles that so often give away our age. A skilled face doctor can remove sagging skin and deep lines by making strategic and unnoticeable incisions, pulling the skin taut and removing the excess skin.

In addition to looking younger, facial cosmetic surgery will make a person feel better about themselves. Self-confidence is a crucial element to looking younger, when you feel good about yourself and the way you look it shows. When you radiate confidence you look more beautiful to yourself and others. If you look old it can make you feel old, if you to get that youthful feeling again, allow Katy facial surgeon Dr. John Freeman help tap into the fountain of youth.

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