Face Time Face Lift in Katy

By yourfacedoc20
Published on February 8, 2013

Katy, TX-We all know that when we are photographed we have a good side and a bad. The angle in which our faces are captured can make us look beautiful or very, very unattractive. Whether you are trying to keep up with a long distance lover, a relative, or interested in meeting new people, or having a conference with coworkers, talking face to face over the internet is becoming a way of life and many people are unhappy with the way they look when looking down at their preferred device.

This unattractive angle has given rise to a new trend in plastic surgery, the Face Time face lift. Even changing the camera angle doesnt help. Men and women who dont like the face staring back at them on the computer screen are turning to plastic surgeons to correct a weak or double chin or reshape their noses.


Last year, ABC News profiled a television producer, Trinia Lavey, who spent a great deal of time on Facebook and other social media told them, I think that social media has really changed so much about how we look at ourselves and judge ourselves. Ten years ago, I dont think I even noticed that I had a weak chin.

So Laveys solution was to have a chin augmentation, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons other people who spend a lot of time on social media have followed suit. Chin augmentations increased by 17 percent in 2012. She also decided to have a chin augmentation and a nose job.

Laveys cosmetic surgery gave her renewed confidence. She told ABC, It extends all the way from Skyping with people [to] having people tag me in a Facebook photo. Adding, If the camera comes out at a party I am fine with it. I am excited to see them. Before, I used to want to hold my chin, but now I want to show my face.

But for many a chin augmentation also requires other adjustments to the face on order to maintain balance. A nose augmentation or cheek implant is sometimes necessary to harmoniously balance the face after strengthening the chin with an implant.

Computer cameras can also over emphasize any asymmetry in facial features. Maybe one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, your cheeks are imbalanced or whatever feature of the face is out of symmetry, a skilled plastic surgeon can correct it with a facelift, eyebrow lift or cheek implants.

If you are plagued with the sagging skin under the chin or have a double chin, these problems can be easily corrected with a chin lift. This procedure can remove the excess shin and fat in order to eliminate the doubling effect.

Its likely that using the internet to talk with others face to face is trend that will only grow. In Katy, Dr. John Freeman can skillfully make the cosmetic enhancements you need to feel more confident in our increasingly technological world.

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