Everything You Need to Know About Teeth in a Day

Feb 28, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Teeth in a Day
If you ask most people, a beautiful, healthy smile is the key to confidence. When you smile, you convey that you’re friendly, trustworthy and approachable, drawing others in. But if you have gaps or missing teeth, you might want to hide your pearly whites.

If you ask most people, a beautiful, healthy smile is the key to confidence. When you smile, you convey that you’re friendly, trustworthy and approachable, drawing others in. But if you have gaps or missing teeth, you might want to hide your pearly whites. This can make it harder to showcase your personality and have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Fortunately, you can quickly restore a bright, full smile with Teeth in a Day.

In Katy, Texas, Dr. John P. Freeman performs Teeth in a Day to streamline the dental implant process. Now you can replace lost or missing teeth in a single procedure without waiting for months between each step. Keep reading to learn if this treatment option is right for you.

What is “Teeth in a Day?”

Losing your teeth is more than just a cosmetic concern. Tooth loss can diminish your oral function and cause painful symptoms, preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods. It can also lead to reduced bone mass in the jaw due to a lack of stimulation from biting or chewing. Dental implants can help solve these problems and restore your oral health.

Getting dental implants is usually a months-long process, but Teeth in a Day can restore your smile sooner. As the name suggests, this procedure can give you fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing teeth in just one day. Whether you have missing teeth in the upper or lower portion of your mouth, you’ll be immediately fitted with a non-removable, temporary prosthetic that allows you to chew, bite and smile again while waiting for your permanent teeth.

What Makes Teeth in a Day Different?

With traditional dental implants, it isn’t always possible for patients to receive their new teeth on the same day. Some people may require a bone graft first or surgically involved tooth extractions that take time to heal. Each situation is different, but these steps can add weeks or months to your total treatment time.

With Teeth in a Day, some planning and prep work is still required depending on the condition of your existing teeth, but this procedure usually avoids the need for a bone graft. That’s because the dental implants are placed at an angle that maximizes the use of the available bone. As an added bonus, this technique also stabilizes the jawbone and prevents further deterioration of the facial structure, making it a great option for those with significant bone loss. In fact, the implants are so stable that as few as four can be used to hold a complete upper or lower set of teeth.

These techniques have greatly streamlined the dental implant process and made it possible to fit patients with fully functioning teeth during their first appointment. Although these will be temporary as you wait for your new, permanent teeth to be made, they are attached to your implants and won’t slip out of place. They also look like your natural teeth and have considerable biting and chewing power, so you can feel confident in your ability to eat, drink and smile.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

  • – Same-day solution for tooth loss
  • – Instant, beautiful results
  • – Can replace several missing teeth at once
  • – Effective for both the lower and upper jaw
  • – No need to spend months without teeth
  • – Temporary prosthetics look and act like your natural teeth
  • – Often avoids the need for bone grafting
  • – Fewer implants needed compared to other techniques
  • – Can be more cost-effective for patients with extensive tooth loss

Ideal Candidates for Teeth in a Day

This procedure is suitable for most patients looking to replace lost, missing or damaged teeth. Because it can restore several teeth at once, it’s a particularly good option for those who need a more comprehensive overhaul of their mouth. The longer, angled implants also make it ideal for individuals with moderate to severe bone loss. If you’re thinking about dental implants but want to avoid a lengthy treatment process that leaves you without functioning teeth for several months, then Teeth in a Day might be right for you. 

Other reasons Dr. Freeman may recommend Teeth in a Day include:

  • – You have several teeth that are missing or damaged beyond repair
  • – You currently wear dentures but want something more permanent
  • – You prefer a quicker dental implant process
  • – You’ve experienced a loss of bone density
  • – You want immediate and long-lasting results
  • – You don’t excessively grind or gnash your teeth
  • – You’re in good overall health (no periodontal disease)
  • – You aren’t a smoker, or you’re willing to quit or reduce the amount you smoke

During an initial consultation, Dr. Freeman will examine your mouth to determine if Teeth in a Day is the best approach for reversing your tooth loss. As an expert in dental implants and oral surgery, he will use the latest 3D and x-ray technology to analyze your jaw structure and develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, goals and anatomy. 

This Sounds Expensive…

It might seem like the cost of dental implants can add up quickly, but it’s hard to put a price on a beautiful, fully functioning set of teeth that will last you a lifetime. While you may be tempted to choose a provider that promises quality results at a significant discount, a highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Freeman can save you money in the long run by making sure your procedure is done right the first time. Learning to place dental implants takes years of experience to master, and doing it incorrectly can actually harm your oral health. Poorly positioned implants are also more likely to fail and cause symptoms like pain, infection or difficulty chewing. All too often, patients that opt for “bargain” dental implants end up paying more to correct these complications.

A number of factors will determine the overall cost of your procedure, including whether you need extractions or bone grafting, the number of teeth being replaced, and which type of implants are being used. Some patients require specialized implants to proceed with Teeth in a Day. Your dental insurance will also play a role in your out-of-pocket costs, depending on your coverage. During your consultation, Dr. Freeman and his team can help you get an accurate estimate of what you’ll pay for your same-day dental implants.

Ready to Learn More?

Teeth in a Day is a life-changing procedure that allows you to quickly reclaim your beautiful smile. Unlike other dental procedures, you can receive a new, temporary prosthetic after your first appointment, which remains in place until your permanent teeth are ready. This means you can feel confident while waiting and eliminates the worry about embarrassing gaps or mishaps. If you want to learn more about Teeth in a Day or schedule a consultation, call Dr. John P. Freeman in Katy, Texas, at 281-599-9445 to get started today.