What Can Facial Implants Accomplish?

Jul 08, 2022
What Can Facial Implants Accomplish?
It’s hard to think of anything that has as much an impact on your self-image as the face. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you and helps inform their early impressions. But if you’re bothered by certain aspects of your appearance...

It’s hard to think of anything that has as much an impact on your self-image as the face. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you and helps inform their early impressions. But if you’re bothered by certain aspects of your appearance, you may find yourself feeling shy or embarrassed around others. Your confidence might also take a hit and keep you from fully embracing what makes you unique. Fortunately, facial implants can improve the definition and harmony of your face to enhance your natural features.

Unlike injectables that temporarily lift or volumize treated areas, facial implants provide a way to permanently transform your entire profile. Keep reading to learn what this procedure can accomplish when performed by a skilled facial surgeon like Houston’s Dr. John. P. Freeman.

Enhance the Chin

For some people, a small or receding chin can make everything else seem out of balance. When the chin doesn’t project forward enough, the nose or forehead might look disproportionately large, and the face can appear overly round. That’s because the chin actually plays a significant role in defining your facial outline and profile, but chin implants can help you achieve a more pleasing look.

Chin implants are inserted beneath the skin and add more volume, depth and dimension to the chin and jawline. In men, correcting a weak chin can provide a masculine appearance, while for women, it brings the chin into proportion with the rest of the face. While chin implants can deliver dramatic results, they blend in seamlessly with the underlying bone and tissue for a natural look that others can rarely detect.

In some cases, patients might choose to combine chin augmentation with jaw implants for even more facial definition. Enhancing the chin and jawline together can provide cumulative results that greatly strengthen and improve the contours of the lower face.

Sculpt a Stronger Jawline

The jaw isn’t usually the first thing people think about when it comes to facial harmony, but it’s also important to your general profile. Jaw implants can sculpt a stronger, more attractive jawline that enhances your overall appearance. Typically, these implants are used to widen a narrow jaw and add more definition to the face, but this can vary depending on your goals. During your consultation, Dr. Freeman can discuss ways to achieve a softer or more chiseled jawline that complements your facial structure.

Add Volume to the Cheeks

Over time, the signs of aging can take a toll on the cheeks and midface, as the underlying dermal structures lose support and the tissues begin to sag. This can lead to a sunken, flat or hollow appearance that makes you look much older than you feel. It can also exacerbate other signs of aging as well, such as wrinkles, folds and jowls.

Facial implants correct this by lifting the cheeks and adding volume back into recessed areas. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to mimic your natural bone structure for natural-looking results. Cheek implants are most often inserted into the midface to fill in sunken contours or placed in the upper cheek to create higher, more dramatic cheekbones. In addition to restoring youthful definition, cheek implants can also improve facial symmetry and provide some skin firming.

Depending on your concerns, cheek implants can also be used in conjunction with other anti-aging procedures such as a facelift, lip lift or rhinoplasty. Dr. Freeman can discuss your treatment options further during your consultation and develop a personalized surgical plan tailored to your aesthetic goals.

Augment the Lips

Most people are familiar with lip fillers, made popular by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Anna Faris. However, facial implants provide a permanent way to enhance the appearance of your lips and achieve that plump, pouty look everyone is after.

Surgical lip augmentation uses a silicone device to improve the shape and volume of the lips without distorting your natural smile. This can address a variety of concerns, including skinny or deflated lips, fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, asymmetry and a disproportional appearance. Lip implants also provide a more youthful contour that gives the face balance and helps to highlight your other features.

While lip implants cost more upfront than fillers, they’re generally considered less expensive in the long run once you factor in the cost of repeat lip injections over time.

Improve Overall Facial Contours

Facial implants add definition and dimension to the face, which results in a more attractive appearance and fewer signs of aging. They can also sculpt more well-proportioned contours that better emphasize your natural features. Otherwise, a lack of symmetry or uniformity can cause a disconnect that disrupts the shape, silhouette and character of your face.

Facial implants are highly versatile and can lift, augment or build up several different areas of concern. By sculpting refined, balanced contours overall, facial implants can enhance your profile and bring your other qualities into focus for a more flattering appearance. No matter what your goals are, Dr. Freeman can assess your concerns and develop a surgical plan that meets your needs and expectations.

Deliver Permanent Results

Silicone implants add to your underlying facial structure to produce the most natural and realistic results. They augment your existing contours by providing “scaffolding” that lifts up sunken tissues for a more pleasing aesthetic.

While nonsurgical treatments such as dermal fillers accomplish a similar goal, these are naturally absorbed by the body over time. This means ongoing maintenance to keep your new look. Dermal fillers are a great option for patients who prefer to avoid surgery or downtime, but those looking for a long-lasting solution often turn to facial implants.

Facial implants are considered permanent and won’t fade or dissolve like other treatments. They’re also made from biocompatible materials that have a long track record of safety. The procedure is relatively simple and can be tailored to your unique needs and preferences, with options to choose from standard or custom-made implants. We’re certain you’ll be happy with your final result, but facial implants can be removed at a later date if desired.

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Your facial profile and contours have a significant impact on your overall appearance. If you’re unhappy with a receding chin, weak jaw or sunken cheeks, facial implants provide a way to permanently augment and enhance your natural features. Dr. John P. Freeman is an experienced and board-certified maxillofacial surgeon in Katy, Texas, that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Feel free to call our office today at 281-599-9445 to learn more about facial implants or schedule your consultation.