Which Type of Facelift is Right for Me?

Jan 01, 2024
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The right facelift refreshes your appearance and boosts your confidence. Explore the different types and choose a facelift that suits your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Facelifts address some of the most prominent age-related features. From jowls to nasolabial folds, tightening the skin on your face refreshes your appearance. Facelifts are on the rise, with nearly 1.5 million surgeries in the United States in 2022, up from 1.25 million in 2019. 

Facial expert John P. Freeman, MD, DDS, FACS, specializes in customized facelifts to complement your facial features. At his practice, John P Freeman, MD, DDS, FACS, in Katy, Texas, you can schedule a consultation to discuss your desired results. If you’d like a more youthful appearance, a facelift offers dramatic outcomes. 

While all facelifts share the goal of reducing facial sagging and wrinkles, not all facelifts are the same. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences so you can make an informed decision. 

Reviewing your facelift options

Dr. Freeman has the extensive training necessary to perform complex cosmetic surgeries, including three types of facelifts. Visit the practice if you’re considering the following:

Full facelift

A classic full facelift gives you the most comprehensive results. Dr. Freeman makes incisions around your ears and temples to pull up the skin on your lower and middle face, minimizing sagging cheeks and reducing wrinkles around your mouth and nose. 

Mid facelift

A mid facelift targets the areas under your eyes and around the cheeks. This technique corrects sunken cheeks and a sagging jawline with smaller incisions than a full facelift. 

Lower facelift

A lower facelift targets your mouth and jaw, correcting jowls and the appearance of a double chin. 

Consider combining your facelift with other procedures, such as blepharoplasty or buccal fat pad removal, for even more comprehensive results. 

Choosing the right strategy

First, visit Dr. Freeman for a detailed consultation. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Freeman can look at your features with a professional eye while also considering your personal goals and expectations. 

Depending on the facelift you choose, you can minimize common age-related features such as the following:

  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Hollowed cheeks
  • An uneven jawline

Dr. Freeman strategically places the incisions to reduce visible scarring. He also guides you through the recovery process to make it easy. 

While facelifts minimize more prominent wrinkles, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds, they can’t address smaller wrinkles related to sun damage. For those, you’re better off turning to a skin treatment, such as a chemical peel or injectables. During your consultation, Dr. Freeman can make multiple recommendations and create a comprehensive treatment plan if you have goals a facelift can’t meet.  

Consult with us today

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