Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Facial Surgery a Secret

Jul 15, 2021
Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Facial Surgery a Secret
Facial surgery used to get a bad rap. People used to view the surgeries as taboo, but they have become culturally acceptable as time has gone on. But there is still some stigma that lingers in the minds of many who are considering surgery and even for...

Facial surgery used to get a bad rap. People used to view the surgeries as taboo, but they have become culturally acceptable as time has gone on. But there is still some stigma that lingers in the minds of many who are considering surgery and even for those who have already undergone surgery. Sure, facial surgery used to produce looks that were unnatural and ‘plastic’ looking, making those who have undergone it feel self-conscious, but we are here to tell you that things have changed – and things have changed for the better. You shouldn’t be worried about your facial surgery or feel the need to keep it a secret.

Why People Tend to Keep Their Facial Surgery a Secret

There are two main reasons people tend to keep their plastic surgeries a secret: privacy and embarrassment. The first is completely understandable. Everybody wants to maintain some secrecy in their lives, but doing so with facial surgery isn’t as easy as other plastic surgeries, such as a tummy tuck. For facial surgery, it is possible for people to notice a change in your look – more youthful, energetic, lacking lines and wrinkles, depending on which surgery you undergo.

The second reason, embarrassment, is not all so understandable, considering how popular facial surgeries have become. Celebrities and mainstream media have become increasingly more open and positive about cosmetic procedures. Despite this, people that undergo cosmetic surgery tend to fear being judged.

While you may feel slightly embarrassed about your facial surgery or want to keep it a secret, you shouldn’t. Be open and confident about your facial surgery.

We’ll explain why.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Facial Surgery a Secret

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t keep your facial surgery a secret, but some reasons to get the point across include:

It Helps You Maintain a Solid Support System

So you underwent a faceliftchin augmentation or received facial implants (or whichever facial surgery) but are wary about telling your friends and family out of embarrassment. Why? Letting as many people know as possible will allow you to build a greater support system and let you express the reason why you felt like you had to undergo surgery. Additionally, letting people know in advance that you are going to get surgery means more people can help you emotionally and physically during the recovery period.

Your Confidence is Key

Facial surgery is meant to boost your confidence. There is a reason why you decided to undergo surgery in the first place – a cosmetic flaw or concern that was driving insecurity. So, why would you not want to feel confident about your new look? Don’t let others bring you down or make you feel bad about your decision. It’s your life, happiness and confidence. Let it shine.

You Can Be an Inspiration

Deciding to have facial surgery officially can be difficult. But, you know what? Good for you for coming to a final decision. You knew you could improve your appearance and were willing to put in the time and effort to do so. You are an inspiration. And, who knows, maybe your loved ones or friends are thinking of having facial surgery but have reservations. Being yourself – open and confident – can prompt them to feel inspired and finally undergo surgery as well.

How You Can Make Your Facial Surgery Look Natural

Ok, we understand that facial surgery can be a daunting decision because you are not sure if your results will look natural. But there are steps you can take to ensure your facial surgery is a success, allowing the need for privacy and the feeling of embarrassment to be obsolete.

Steps you can take to ensure your facial surgery results are natural include:

Go Subtle, Not Dramatic

Many fear facial surgeries because they’ve heard the horror stories of people undergoing a facelift or forehead lift and walking out the surgical procedure with an absolutely unnatural look. This windswept appearance is, in other words, an overly dramatic look attained after facial surgery. That’s why it is best to plan to have subtle work done. Improved techniques and tools have allowed plastic surgeons to achieve better, more natural-looking results on their patients, so there is no need to worry that you’ll appear too ‘plastic.’

Customize Your Look

Plastic surgeons today are more than capable of giving you a look that is well-suited for your natural features. Many years ago, facial procedures were performed in a ‘cookie cutter’ fashion, as in a one-size-fits-all kind of way. Doing so made many have the same look, which was akin to the windswept appearance. But surgical techniques have come a long way, and surgeons are now able to customize treatment plans so they suit a patient’s desired goals. By meeting with a surgeon and thoroughly discussing what you seek to gain from your facial surgery, you can attain results that are ultimately complementing your natural features.

Choose a Good Surgeon

While plastic surgery has come a long way, with advancements in techniques, tools and plastic surgery’s general capabilities, what will ultimately determine if your facial surgery results are natural depends on the surgeon you choose. Surgeons that emphasize natural-looking results and have many years of experience will produce the best results and give you peace of mind, easing the anxiety of undergoing surgery and allowing you to feel more open and confident when the surgery is complete.

Dr. John P. Freeman of Katy, TX, is a facial cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience beneath his belt. Under his care, you can feel comfortable and confident that you will attain results that are well-suited to your needs. During an initial facial surgery consultation with him, he will address your cosmetic concerns and devise a treatment plan to help you attain natural-looking results that you can openly flaunt and make you proud.

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