Brow Lift

It’s extremely common for the brow and forehead area to show the first signs of aging. The creases along this area of the face can often make a person look tired, worried, angry, or frustrated. A brow lift can eliminate the lines and creases that form across the forehead. A brow lift can reduce or eliminate these wrinkles. Brow lifts reposition a low or sagging brow, ensuring a fresh and youthful appearance.

A brow lift can have medical benefits as well. Sagging skin over the eyes can sometimes obstruct a patients’ vision. In this case, a brow lift can lead to increased peripheral vision allowing a patient to enjoy a greater quality of life. If you are a resident of the Houston region and are interested in learning more about a brow lift, please get in touch with Dr. Freeman’s Clinic by calling 281-599-9445 or visit our contact page.

Brow Lift

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is designed to correct signs of age by elevating the brow. The procedure is an exceptional way to improve cosmetic concerns such as deep creases along the forehead and creases above the eyes. A brow lift often involves removing excess skin tissue and repositioning the leftover tissues, creating a subtle lift for the eyebrows. The surgical procedure is a less invasive option for patients considering a facelift and is ideal if your cosmetic concerns are central to your forehead. A brow lift is also often combined with additional procedures to attain comprehensive results. Procedures that a brow lift is often combined with include eyelid surgery and a neck lift. During your initial consultation with Dr. Freeman, your concerns will be assessed, and if you may benefit from additional procedures will be discussed.

What Different Types of Brow Lift Techniques Are Available?

There are many types of brow lifts Houston patients can choose from. Brow lift techniques offered at Dr. Freeman’s Clinic include:

Coronal Brow Lift

A coronal brow lift is among the oldest techniques for a brow lift. The surgical technique involves making one incision from ear to ear across the forehead. This technique is particularly ideal for patients with a smaller forehead. Through the incision, Dr. Freeman lifts the tissue of the forehead and trims away excess skin and muscle, then secures it in place using sutures. 

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is the most popular brow lift method for surgeons. This technique utilizes small and minimally invasive incisions, meaning it requires less recovery time. During the procedure, approximately four to five incisions are made behind the hairline. A small tube is inserted through these incisions with a camera and light attached to it, allowing for Dr. Freeman to accurately and safely assess which tissues and muscles need to be removed. A surgical instrument is then inserted that is used to pull and lift the forehead tissue.

Temporal Brow Lift

The temporal brow lift technique, also referred to as a limited incision lift, is ideal if their cosmetic concerns are related to the outer parts of the brow. The incisions are slightly larger than those required for an endoscopic lift and are made behind the hairline above the temples. This technique allows Dr. Freeman to lift enough tissue to raise the outer eyebrows. A temporal brow lift is usually combined with eyelid surgery because the additional procedure can be performed through the same incisions. 

Dr. Freeman will review each of these techniques with you during a consultation, including additional techniques. He will decide which will benefit you most, depending on your unique cosmetic concerns. 

Is a Brow Lift Right for You?

A brow lift is an excellent surgical procedure if you have cosmetic concerns associated with your forehead, upper eyelids and brow. The procedure can make your profile more appealing by creating more definition in the upper portion of your face.

If you struggle with any of the following cosmetic concerns, a brow lift may be right for you:

  • Low eyebrows
  • Drooping brow line
  • An asymmetrical brow
  • Deep creases along your forehead
  • Frown lines or an ‘11’ in between your eyebrows
  • A permanently tired or worried image

If you are considering the procedure, you should be in relatively good health and be a non-smoker. Smokers will be asked to quit for several weeks before and after their procedure. Your concerns and health will be reviewed during an initial consultation to ensure candidacy. 

What to Expect: Your Brow Lift Procedure

Brow lift procedures vary depending on which technique is utilized and the extent of an individual’s cosmetic concerns. Your procedure will involve the utilization of general anesthesia, so you will be asleep during the procedure. Each technique typically lasts approximately two hours. When you are prepped for your procedure, Dr. Freeman will perform the appropriate brow lift technique. He will make incisions where it is most suitable. Through these, he will remove and reposition tissues and muscles, creating a more flattering facial profile and alleviating your forehead of specific cosmetic concerns. 

What to Expect: Your Brow Lift Recovery

You will need approximately one to two weeks to recover after your brow lift, depending on which surgical technique is used. Head dressings will be put in place and should be removed after around three days, and if stitches are utilized, they will be taken after one week. You should keep your head elevated during this period of the recovery process. You can expect swelling and bruising around the treatment site that typically lasts for two weeks. You may experience a bit of pain, which can be mitigated with over-the-counter pain medication. You should avoid strenuous activities like exercise for several weeks to ensure a proper recovery. Sun exposure should also be avoided for several weeks, so you lessen the risk of potential complications. 

What to Expect: Your Brow Lift Results

A brow lift creates long-lasting and natural results. Results last for several years, allowing you to lead your life with a more youthful and energetic image. Lines and wrinkles that were once making you appear tired and worried will no longer be an issue. The treatment will also make you have more natural facial expressions because the permanently tired image will not define your facial structure anymore. However, because the forehead is such an expressive feature of the face, lines and wrinkles will gradually return. But even though these cosmetic concerns will return, they will not be as severe had the surgery never been performed. 

Contact Dr. Freeman’s Clinic In Katy, TX

Each patient’s case is unique, and their cosmetic concerns regarding their forehead will vary. Dr. Freeman works closely with patients to assess their goals, desired look, and concerns, as well as to ensure optimal results. Because a brow lift sometimes requires the surgeon to free the tissues of the forehead and the skull, prospective patients should choose a brow lift surgeon in Houston who is experienced and capable. Dr. Freeman has been praised for his work in brow lift surgery and innovative techniques. His precision and careful eye will ensure that patients choose the brow lift procedure that will best compliment their natural facial features and result in the best and most natural overall appearance.

If you are a resident of the Houston region and ready to improve your look by ridding your forehead of lines and wrinkles resulting in a tired image, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Freeman’s Clinic to schedule a brow lift consultation. You can contact us by calling 281-599-9445 or by visiting our contact page.